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Boys Youth Lacrosse

Keep Your Athlete Safe: Play the Game as Intended, with Proper Gear!

Ensuring the safety of athletes is of utmost importance in any sport. By wearing the appropriate gear and adhering to the intended rules, not only will athletes enhance their chances of success, but they will also protect themselves from potential harm. 

​​​​​​​Required Lacrosse Equipment

Safety is the #1 goal when outfitting every lacrosse player! 

  • Lacrosse Stick - Do not purchase an expensive stick right away. Any basic stick will suffice for a beginning player! 
    • 3rd/4th-grade players
      • Minimum stick length of 37", max of 42" 
      • No Long poles 
    • 5th-8th-grade players
      • Short Pole minimum stick length of 40", max of 42"
      • Long Pole minimum stick length of 52", max of 72"
  • Helmet - A lacrosse helmet that meets NOCSAE ND041 at the time of manufacture and is SEI certified. The helmet should have the certification below. If you are unsure if a lacrosse helmet meets this safety requirement, check the SEI/NOCSAE Legacy Products List. View Tips for Lacrosse Helmet Fitting and Lacrosse Helmet Guidelines from the CDC
  • Mouth Guard - Must be a color other than clear or white and self-molding or custom-molding
  • Gloves - designed for lacrosse
  • Chest Protector - Pads must meet NOCSAE ND200 lacrosse standards at the time of manufacture and are SEI certified. There was a recent change in these minimum standards, so please be mindful of this if purchasing used gear. If you are unsure if a chest protector meets this safety requirement, check the SEI/NOCSAE Legacy Product List. Learn more about how the new NOCSAE Standard protects players against Commotio Cordis here. 
  • Arm/elbow pads - designed for lacrosse. 
  • Cleats - Athletic cleats. 
  • Athletic cup - required for male players.  

    Optional equipment - rib pads

View the USA LACROSSE EQUIPMENT GUIDE - Each year, USA Lacrosse publishes an equipment guide that outlines the equipment needed to play lacrosse. The guide is designed provide first-time buyers, parents, and players with helpful suggestions in purchasing equipment.​​


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​​​​​​​Rules of the Game

Boys Youth Guidebook 2023
CWLL Boys Rules 2023