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For more than a decade, Aldège Bellefeuille has been a coach and executive with the Orléans Bengals Football Club. Established in 1973, the football club provides recreational opportunities for youth aged seven to 19. While the club has achieved many championships and accolades during his tenure, thanks to Mr. Bellefeuille’s leadership and his two-prong approach of “no child left behind” and “outside the white lines,” the Bengals continuously strived for excellence on and off the field.

In 2012, Mr. Bellefeuille was one of the key architects behind the Orléans Bengals “Be a Bengal, Not a Bully” program aimed at helping children who are bullied, angry and socially isolated to develop stronger social skills and a sense of community. The program, a youth-led initiative that brings the anti-bullying message to the community, won the prestigious Royal Ottawa Inspiration Award (Community Category) in 2012. Mr. Bellefeuille also developed the club’s “Bengals Play 90” program, which consisted of two free, off-season programs aimed at helping children remain physically active throughout the winter. In addition to these programs, Mr. Bellefeuille generously supported the “Streets for Cleats” program and pioneered a similar program that secured appropriate football equipment for club athletes in need.

In his past role as Executive Vice President and Vice President (Operations), Mr. Bellefeuille was responsible for fundraising and community relationship development for the club. As Fundraising Director, he raised funds in support of properly certified helmets, replacing outdated equipment, camps and cleats for at-risk and less affluent players.

Over the last three years, Mr. Bellefeuille has worked with community leaders and politicians to obtain support to renew the aging Bilberry Park into what is quickly becoming a recreational facility jewel for all sports enthusiasts to enjoy in Orléans.

To honor Mr. Bellefeuille's legacy, the Orléans Minor Football Association offers children who may not have the opportunity to play football otherwise the chance to do so through the Aldege Bellefeuille Bengals Bursary. If you know a child who could benefit from this bursary, please contact us with information relating to this and we will reach out to you!