Northern Ohio Baseball

NOBB Fall Fastpitch League Rules


Pitcher’s Plate



Time Limit

Run Rule






10 Runs

After 4






10 Runs

After 4






10 Runs

After 4






10 Runs

After 4


Equipment Rules

1. All players must be uniformed alike.

2. An 11” optic yellow covered ball will be used in the 10U division. A 12” optic yellow covered ball will be used in the 12U, 14U and 16U/18U divisions. All balls must have a nationally recognized logo, to include, but not limited to the OHSSA, USSSA, ASA, NFHS, etc.

3. Soft or hard rubber cleats are permitted in all divisions. Metal cleats are only permitted in the 14U and 16U/18U divisions.

4. Catchers must wear a chest protector, shin guards, a helmet with facemask, and a throat protector. 

5. All players must wear batting helmets with facemasks (these do not need to be NOCSAE approved), while batting, on the bases and base paths, while on deck or coaching. 

6. It is recommended that all pitchers wear a face mask/protection. This is not mandatory at any position, but it is highly recommended for pitchers and infield position players in the younger divisions to wear face masks/protection.

7. All bats must have a nationally recognized logo, to include, but not limited to the OHSAA, USSSA, ASA, NFHS, BBCOR, etc. Any batter using an illegal bat during an at bat, will be ruled out. Potential ejections and future suspensions may be enforced against batters and coaches.

8. Jewelry is not permitted during games. However, jewelry worn for medical or religious reasons are allowed, but must be taped to the body.


General Playing Rules

1. The home team will keep the official scorebook.

2. Winning teams are asked to enter final scores into the scores tab on the website or app. If necessary, you can text scores to Chris O’Brien at 440-221-7189.

3. Games are six (6) innings in the 10U division, and are seven (7) innings in the 12U, 14U and 16U/18U divisions. Time limit is one hour and fifteen minutes (1:15) in all divisions. No new innings will start after the time limit has been reached. Tie games will be allowed during Weeks 1-5.

4. New innings begin, when the third out is recorded by the defense.

5. In the case of a tie game after seven innings, extra innings will begin with a runner on second base. This will be the last recorded out. This will be the process for all extra innings, until there is a winning team.

6. In the case of darkness or inclement weather, a game is official after four (4) innings have been completed in all divisions. If a game is suspended and later resumed, it will be continued from the point of suspension, with the lineup and batting order of each team exactly the same as at the point of suspension.

7. All teams are required to have at least eight (8) players to start, play and finish a game. If any team drops below eight (8) players for any reason, the team will forfeit the game immediately.

8. Mercy run rule is ten (10) runs after four (4) innings in all divisions.

9. The infield fly rule is in effect for all age divisions.

10. The dropped third strike rule is in effect for all age divisions.

11. To keep games moving, a courtesy runner may be used at any time for the pitcher and catcher. The courtesy runner will be the last person who recorded an out in the lineup.

12. Malicious contact in any game will result in the ejection of the offending player.

13. Appeals can be made in both a live-ball and dead-ball situation as per NFHS Rules.

      a. Live Ball: An appeal can be made by any fielder in possession of the ball by touching the base missed or left too soon on a caught fly ball, or by tagging the runner committing the violation if he/she is still on the playing field.

      b. Dead Ball: An appeal may be made once all runners have completed their advancement and time has been called. A coach or any defensive player, with or without the ball, may make a verbal appeal. If the ball has gone out of play, runners must be given the opportunity to complete their base-running responsibilities before the dead-ball appeal can be made.

14. Steals are allowed when the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand on the delivery, in all age divisions. Delayed steals are allowed in all age divisions. Once the pitcher has the ball in the mound area circle, the runner must immediately return to their occupied base. Failure to do so could result in the runner being called out by the umpire.

15. There is no limit on how many players are allowed on each team roster. Rosters must be submitted to Chris O’Brien at Please include player’s name and birthdate on all rosters.

16. Head coaches are required to manage their players, assistant coaches, parents and fans. Head coaches will be the primary contact for all umpire contact, and will be held responsible for any team related issues.

17. If a player or coach is ejected, they will be suspended for the next game, including playoffs and championship games. If any player or coach is ejected from more than one game in a season, they may removed from league competition, depending on league evaluation.

18. All divisions are governed under National Federation of High School Association (NFHS) Rules, unless stated differently herein.


Batting Rules

1. Managers shall present to the opposing manager their official batting order at ground rules including number and last name. Any roster player arriving after the first pitch and whose name is not submitted on the line-up card can be added at any point in the game and must bat last in the order.

2. Batting orders can consist of any of the following scenarios in all divisions:

    a. Teams can bat nine (9) players, with those same nine (9) players playing defensive positions. Substitutions are allowed. Any player may be withdrawn from the game and re-entered once, provided such player occupies the same batting position whenever in the line-up. At that point, the substitute player is lost for the rest of the game.

     b. Teams can bat ten (10) players with a designated hitter (DH). Substitutions are allowed. Any player may be withdrawn from the game and re-entered once, provided such player occupies the same batting position whenever in the line-up. At that point, the substitute player is lost for the rest of the game.

     c. Teams can roster bat. If roster batting, players can freely move defensive positions throughout the entire game.

3. A player that is injured, ill or cannot take her turn at bat will be skipped but no out recorded. The player may return to the game in her original spot in the batting order. If a player is ejected, an out will be recorded the next time that player would have batted in the lineup. No additional outs will be recorded the next time that player would have batted. This batting position is skipped. 


Pitching Rules

1. A pitching circle with a diameter of sixteen (16) feet will be lined on the field.

2. Prior to starting the delivery (pitch), the pitcher must take a position with the pivot foot on or partially on the top surface of the pitcher’s plate. Both feet must be on the ground within or partially within the 24-inch length of the pitchers plate. All attempts should be made for the pitchers pivot foot to stay in contact with the ground through the release of the ball.

3. The pitcher will not “quick pitch.” If she tries it, she shall be warned once by the umpire without penalty. If repeated, each such pitch shall be called a “ball” unless the batter reaches first base on a fair ball hit, an error or otherwise.

4. No pitcher shall intentionally discolor or damage the ball while rubbing it with soil, rosin, paraffin, licorice, sand, emery paper or other foreign substances. PENALTY: The umpire will demand the ball and remove the pitcher from the game.

5. If a pitcher hits two (2) batters in an inning, they must be removed for the remainder of the inning. The starting pitcher can return later in the game, but if she were to hit a third batter at any time, she must be removed for the rest of the game.

6. There are no limitations on pitching consecutive games or total innings.

7. No verbal intentional walk will be allowed. All batters must be pitched to.

8. Trips to the mound - In a regulation game, coaches will be permitted to visit the mound as follows:

     a. Two (2) trips per inning per pitcher including extra innings.

     b. Third trip in the same inning:  The coach must remove the pitcher.

     c. In the event of an injury/health visit, the coach will not be charged for a trip. The umpire will manage all injury/health visits, to insure no coaching is provided.


Playoff Seeding Tiebreakers

1. Overall Record
2. Head to Head
3. Runs Allowed
4. Run Differential
5. Runs Scored
6. Coin Flip