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Become a Sponsor of CENTEX Bearcats!

CENTEX Bearcats Athletics, a pioneering initiative founded in 2023, aims to cater to the growing number of homeschoolers seeking competitive athletics. With the homeschooling community growing rapidly, there is an increasing demand among talented young individuals to engage in athletic competition, fostering fun, friendship, and personal growth. Recognizing this need,  Bearcats Athletics have risen to the occasion, offering opportunities for youth to participate in 6-man football, volleyball, softball, and track and field. Athletes compete against homeschool, private, and charter schools across Central Texas, while also taking part in local and regional tournaments.

However, running such a program involves numerous expenses, including gym and field rentals, referees, insurance, and equipment. Without the support of generous sponsors, these costs have to be solely covered through player participation fees. Unfortunately, this financial commitment often becomes an obstacle for many families, making it difficult for them to afford participation.

The CENTEX Bearcats Athletics remain committed to providing an inclusive and accessible platform for homeschoolers to engage in competitive sports. To continue fulfilling this mission, the organization is actively seeking sponsors who can help ease the financial burden associated with running the program. Sponsors play a key role in enabling the Bearcats to offer reduced participation fees, making it feasible for a wider range of families to participate.

By becoming a sponsor, individuals and businesses can contribute to the development of talented homeschool athletes, allowing them to experience the benefits of organized sports. Supporting the Bearcats not only helps cover essential expenses but also ensures that young athletes have access to quality facilities, competent referees, and necessary equipment.

The Bearcats Athletics are grateful for the support of their current sponsors and welcome any new partners who share their vision of fostering athletic opportunities for homeschoolers. Together, we can create a vibrant community where young athletes thrive, forge lasting friendships, and achieve personal growth through the power of sports.

To learn more about becoming a sponsor or to get involved with the CENTEX Bearcats Athletics, please visit our website or contact our dedicated sponsorship team at Together, let's empower homeschool athletes to reach their full potential on and off the field!