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Tracks Tavern Volleyball League

Rules and Protocol - 2024

    1. The Tracks Volleyball league (The League) is a co-ed sixes sand volleyball league with three levels of play.
      1. Advanced: Advanced leagues are open to any team that wishes to join, but it is recommended that you have previous experience at that level of play.  All rules are enforced, with very little leeway.  Teams will be expected to know and abide by the rules
      2. Intermediate: Intermediate leagues are open to any team that wishes to join, but it is recommended that the team have previous experience in the sport.  Most rules will be enforced, with the referee having final discretion as to how certain plays are called.  Teams will be expected to have a loose understanding of all rules.
      3. Recreational: Recreational leagues are open to any team that wishes to join, but it is recommended that the team be unfamiliar or casual players.  Certain plays and rules will be restricted; EX: no jump serves, incorrect setting, etc.  Enforcement of rules is up to the referee, and the ultimate emphasis is on having a good time.
    2. The League has two seasons
      1. The Spring season begins in early April and lasts until Mid-July.  Leagues played on the Deck and East courts will be 13 week long, with an additional week for the playoffs.  Leagues played on the Alley court will be 12 weeks long, with an additional week for the playoffs.
      2. The Summer season begins in Mid- July and lasts until late October.  All leagues will be 13 weeks long, with an additional week for the Playoffs.
    3. Leagues play Monday through Friday, with games scheduled on the hour between 6pm and 10pm.  Leagues play on Sunday between 4pm and 9pm.
      1. Teams play on a rotating schedule, ie, each week their game will be scheduled to begin at a different time, but always on the same night and court.
    4. Teams are defined as:
      1. Consisting of between 4 and 11 players,
      2. Being able to field six players, 3 female and 3 male
        1.  If a team cannot field six players, there may only be one more male then female on the court at a time; for example, 3 males and 2 females.
        2. During the playoffs, a team may NOT consist of more male than female players. 
        3. A team may have more female than male players at any time.
      3. Having an accurate and up-to-date roster and waiver, including captains and clear contact information.
      4. Having at least four members as another team (see ROSTERS)
    1. All teams must register online. Paper registrations will not be accepted.
      1. Teams may register for any league they wish to join, but Tracks Management reserves the right to modify, deny or change which league a team may join, based on that teams previous or current level of play; i.e., a team currently playing in the Advanced league would not be allowed to play in the Recreational league.
      2. Team deposits and all secondary fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
    2. League fees are $300 for all leagues.
      1. These league fees do not include secondary fees that may be incurred.
      2. All team fees must be paid by the first week of play.  Failure to pay the team fees in full will result in automatic forfeits by that team until such time as the fee is paid in full.
      3. Payments may be made in cash, check, or credit card.  Check must be made out to the order of “The Tracks Tavern”.  Credit Card payments will be subject to a 3% surcharge.
      4. Sponsored team must provide payment by check ONE WEEK before the beginning of team play. Refunds of the initial deposit will be made if needed, minus any secondary fees.
    1. Every team must submit and maintain a roster of their official team
      1. Team rosters will be created and maintained on the Teamlinkt website
      2. Team rosters must include AT LEAST the following information:
        1. The team captain’s first name, last name, date of birth, gender and contact information, including a working phone number and email address
        2. All team member’s first and last name, gender and date of birth
        3. AT LEAST four (4) team member’s contact information, be that phone number, email or both.
      3. Team rosters will be used to determine who is officially on a team, as well as who is the point(s) of contact.
      4. Team rosters will be used to determine and define what is considered a team
        1. Two teams who share four or more players on their rosters will be considered to be the same “team” for the purposes of ranking and league qualifications
        2. A player who is part of a team can not be on the roster of another team playing on the same night and league. 
        3. Teams may not play in a league that is below their level of competition.
      5. Team rosters must be turned in BEFORE the first game of the season.  Failure to do so will result in automatic forfeits until such time as the complete roster is turned in.
    2. Every player on every team must sign and date an injury waiver for that team.
      1. Waivers must be signed by all players on the roster, AND any and all subs.
      2. Waivers will be used as an ad hoc roster for the purposes of subs and members of the league.
      3. All waivers must be completed and turned in before the first game of the season.  Failure to do so will result in automatic forfeits until such time as the complete waiver is turned in.
    1. Games will start on the hour they are scheduled unless otherwise indicated.
      1. All games must be finished and the court must be shut down by 11pm.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
      2. Teams have a five-minute grace period after the start of a scheduled match to field a team. These five minutes are included in the 55-minute allotted playing time; NO EXTRA PLAY TIME will be allotted to late teams. The match will end no later than 5 minutes before the hour.
      3. The 1st game is forfeited if after the 5 minutes grace period, a team cannot be fielded and start is further delayed.  The total match will be forfeited and allotted as 3 wins to the other team after 15 minutes of delay.
      4. A coin toss at the beginning of the first game will determine which team will get to choose to serve or receive.  The receiving team picks the side of the court on which they will start.
      5. Teams are responsible for providing their own volleyballs.
    2. Matches consist of three (3) games.
      1. Games are played with rally scoring, i.e., there is a point awarded on every serve.
      2. The winner of a game is the first team to score 25 points.  Teams must win by a margin of two (2) points, with a cap at 27 points.
      3. At the discretion of the referee, or upon the agreement of both teams, the third game may be called at 15 points, with a cap at 17.  This decision must be made and announced before the beginning of the third game.
      4. The initial coin toss will decide the starting positions for each team.  Side of play and serve are then reversed for the second game.  The third game is started as the first was.  Teams switch sides at 13 points during the third game.  If the third game is capped at 15 points, teams will switch sides after the 8th point.
      5. Each team may use one-30 second time-out per game. 
      6. Free substitution is allowed only while that team is serving, and must be made to the middle-back row position prior to the serve.  Substituted players must be on the team’s roster and have signed the waiver.
    3. Most games will be officiated by a referee provided by the Tracks Tavern.  These referees are NOT guaranteed, and are assigned on an “as needed” basis.
      1. If a referee is unavailable, it is the duty of the team captains to agree and record the match scores as clearly as possible.
      2. Another referee will be responsible for the setting up and taking down of the nets.  They will also be responsible for collecting the scoresheets and awarding prizes.
    1. Team schedules will be set for the entirety of the season, and they will be available on TeamLinkt.
    2. The Tracks will cancel or reschedule games in the case of:
      1. Clearly inclement weather such as snow or present overhead lightning (rain is not considered inclement weather, nor is temperature)
      2. The flooding of the courts, or otherwise compromising of the integrity of the playing field
    3. Teams may reschedule their matches for any reason, provided:
      1. Both teams have agreed to reschedule,
      2. The Tracks has been notified that both teams have agreed to reschedule
      3. Both teams agree on a time to make up the unplayed game.
    4. Unplayed games may be rescheduled at the discretion of both teams AND the management of the league.
      1. Referees are not provided for rescheduled games.  If you can talk one into scoring your rescheduled games, so much the better
      2. Captains of each team must agree on a date and time, and notify the Tracks management of their intended rematch.
      3. Management will either confirm or deny a given time.  We will try to find a new date and time.
      4. Available times are as follows:
        1. After regular league play, no later than 11pm. (Mon-Fri @ 10pm)
        2. Before and after league play on Sunday, (before 4pm or after 9pm)
        3. Saturdays after 12pm and before 8pm
    5. Games that are unplayed due to the fault of one team are forfeit.
      1. Forfeits will not be able to be replayed.  Once a forfeit is properly assigned, it will stand as a permanent score.
    1. At the end of a season, the top-ranking teams will play a single elimination tournament that will decide the winners and final ranks of that league.
      1. Team rank is decided by number of matches won.
        1. In the event that two or more teams have won the same number of matches, the higher rank will go to the team with the greater number of games won.
        2. In the even that two or more teams have won the same number of matches and games, the higher rank will go to the winner of the most recent match between the two tied teams.
      2. Teams must win by two points.  There is no point cap during the playoffs.
      3. Teams playing in the playoffs may NOT consist of more male than female players.
      4. If a team wins the first two games in a playoff match, the match is considered to be won.
      5. Teams playing in the playoffs must consist of those players on their official rosters.  Substitute players are not allowed during playoffs.
    2. Leagues which have eight teams will have a straight four team tournament.
      1. The highest ranked team will play the #4 ranked team; the second-place team will play the third-place team. The winners of those matches will play in the final championship match.
      2. Games will usually start on the half hour, and will go as long as required.
    3. Leagues which have more than eight teams (usually a 10 team league) will have a five team single elimination tournament
      1. The fifth and fourth placed team will play in the first match.  The second and third placed teams will play the second match.  The first place team will play the winner of the first match in the third match.  The winner of the second and third match will play in the championship match.
    1. Violations of these rules will result in disciplinary action against a player or team, including, but not limited to, disqualification from the league, and ejection from the premises.
    2. Physical or verbal harassment of Volleyball Refs, Tracks Tavern Staff, and other Patrons of any form will not be tolerated.
      1. Only team captains may discuss a call with the referee.  Such discussions MUST be civil and may occur only during a dead ball. 
      2. Any repeated or excessively inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a player/team ejection or suspension. 
      3. Suspended/ejected players or teams will NOT receive a refund. 
    3. This is a bar league.  This means that all players must be over the age of 21.
      1. All players must show proof of age.  Players who filled out a roster including their date of birth will be consider to have shown proof of age.
      2. Children MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by an adult AT ALL TIMES.  At no point are children allowed on the volleyball courts. Children will not be serviced at the bar or a table without an adult present.  Please remember this is a bar and some conduct or language may not be suitable for children.
      3. Absolutely no alcoholic or food carry-ins of any kind are allowed on the Tracks property including the volleyball courts and parking lot.  Any person caught with alcoholic carry-ins will be automatically disqualified from the league, and refunds will NOT be given.
      4. The Tracks Tavern is a PET FREE ZONE.  As much as we love your furry friends, it is against State Health and Food Codes to allow pets ANYWHERE on the Tracks property OR volleyball courts. 
    4. Players must play to the skill level of the league that they join.
      1. If you are playing on a court beneath your skill level, it is your responsibility to play to that league’s level.  Advance play is strongly discouraged in the Recreational League, and certain techniques/actions may be called to attention by the ref.
      2. Refs will make calls based on the level on the court. For example, referees calling a game in an Advanced league will more strictly adhere to the rules then in a Recreational league. 
    1. The Tracks Tavern Volleyball leagues use the F.I.V.B. rules, with certain exceptions.
    2. These same rules concerning play and personnel will be used both during the normal season and during playoffs.
      1. Teams must supply their own volleyballs.  Please label the balls well, so they can be returned to you, if left behind.
      2. Players must line up alternating male with female players, when equal amounts are playing (see “teams” for further explanation of allowable ratios).
      3. If there is more than one contact on a side (excluding the neutral block) a female MUST be involved, in any order or combination.
      4. The ball may touch any part of the body, but must be a clean single touch. 
        1. EXCEPTION: the next touch after a block or an attack-hit by the opponent, can have successive contacts with various parts of the player’s body provided it is in a SINGLE ACTION of playing the ball.
        2. The ball may NOT be caught or thrown.
      5. Setting the serve is legal PROVIDED it is a CLEAN, SINGLE TOUCH.
      6. Incidental contact with the net (i.e., hair or loose clothing) is NOT a fault.
      7. Incidental contact with an opposing player is NOT a fault.  This is at the discretion of the referee. 
      8. Interfering with an opponent’s ability to make a play on the ball IS a fault, and will result in a point.
      9. The net may not be intentionally touched during play.  This is counter to FIVB rules.
      10. Any ball that breaks the plane of the net at all (does not need to cross completely into the opponents playing area) is live to either side.  Whether the ball breaks the plane of the net is ultimately at the discretion of the referee.
      11. If a ball is driven into the net which causes the net to touch the opponent no net-fault is committed.
      12. Players must be on the sand to make a play on the ball.  Players may step off the courts provided it’s safe to make the play (for the alley court, one foot MUST be in the court, no exceptions).  Players may NOT be in contact with the wood deck west of court A, when making a play. 
      13. A player may not enter an adjacent court during or after making a play on the ball.
      14. A player may not go under the net farther than half their body, even if there is no contact or interference with opposing players. These rules are to maintain player’s safety at all times, and are at the discretion of the referee.  Any interference with balls or players from adjacent courts will result in an IMMEDIATE stop of play and a replay of the last point.
    3. The following rules apply to the Advanced and Intermediate leagues.  The Recreational leagues will apply these rules at the discretion of the referee.
      1. If a team has one male player in their front row rotation, and the opposing team has two males in their front row rotation, the team with one male player in the front may switch one of their front row females for a back-row male for the purpose of BLOCKING ONLY (i.e. directional or soft blocking, not attack or swing blocking).
      2. Players may not attack the serve.  The ball must completely clear the net on the serve.
      3. Players may serve from anywhere behind the end lines.  Players must serve entirely behind the line; stepping on the line during the serve will result in a penalty dependent on the league:
        1. ADVANCED: stepping on the line during a serve will result in the lost of side and a point.
        2. INTERMEDIATE: stepping on the line during a serve will result in the lost of side; no points will be awarded.
        3. RECREATIONAL: stepping on the line during a serve will result in a replay of the serve.  The offending team will not lose the side nor a point.
      4. Players in a recreational league are not allowed hard spikes nor jump serves.
      5. Players in an intermediate or advanced league will be called on a set occurring below the head.
      6. BLOCKING: A blocker may contact the ball beyond the net (in the opponent’s area) provided that it is AFTER the attack-hit of the opponents.
        1. Contact of the ball on the opponent’s side by the blocker PRIOR to the attack-hit is a fault (THUS, it is NOT permitted to touch the ball beyond the net UNTIL an opponent has executed an attack-hit). 
        2. A block CAN OCCUR when the opponents have hit the ball in such a manner that the ball would, in the referee’s judgment, clearly cross the net if not touched by a player, and no member of the attacking team is in a position to make a play on the ball.
      7. SPIKING: a player is permitted to pass his/her hand beyond the net AFTER making an attack-hit, provided that the attack-hit on the ball is made within his/her playing space. 
        1. If a ball passes completely beyond the net on a first or second touch, the spiker is NOT allowed to reach past the net to spike in the opponents playing space. 
        2. A player IS allowed to pass his/her hands beyond the net and contact the ball over the opponent’s court on the first or second touch, provided the ball has NOT COMPLETELY crossed the vertical plane of the net into the opponent’s side and the ball is directed (legally) back into the players own playing space.