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All coaching staff need to be registered on the Hockey Canada Registry 
and with the team that they are on the bench for.  If there is 
someone on the bench that is not registered with that team, the 
head coach will receive a 30 day suspension.   An unregistered 
coach is like an unregistered player. 
Remember all coaching staff that is on the bench 
needs to be on the game sheet. 

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STEP league

“The SHA requires that all Minor Hockey Associations include Criminal Record Checks
within their Minor Hockey Association Screening Policy for Board of Directors, team Officials
and all Instructors working with Minor Hockey Players and Officials.”


SHA requires all coaching staff to be certified in order to be affiliated with a minor hockey team.
If a coaching staff is not properly certified by February 1st, they will receive a $50 fine from SWMH and may be suspended by SHA for that season and will not be able to register with SHA until certifications are up to date.