Stonewall Sports - San Francisco
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Love queer sports? We want YOU to volunteer with us to make Stonewall Sports San Francisco the greatest sports league in town! We’re thrilled to announce open recruitment for available positions on our leadership board. If you’re looking to show off your talents, learn a new skill, or meet new people, being on the leadership board is a great way to have fun while giving back to the community. Click here to learn more!

Meet the Leadership Board

Commissioner - Blake Gottlieb

  • Founded Schlepping Home (a queer kickball team) in SF
  • Captained the Incrediballs (a queer dodgeball team) during its first season in 2017.
  • His Pomeranian (Leo) is the unofficial mascot of his teams.
  • Believes in the potential for queer rec sports to catalyze personal growth among players, especially those who missed out during their youth.

Operations Director - Adam Eckstein

  • Played queer sports, Dodgeball and Kickball, for a decade+, WAKA (DC) in 2009, Big Apple Rec Sports (NYC) in 2013 and OutLoud Sports (SF) in 2016. 
  • Captained several queer sports teams including Incrediballs in 2019. 
  • Voted “Social Butterfly” for 3 seasons in a row by his peers in Big Apple Rec.
  • Big advocate for queer athletics as a safe space for LGBTQ+ folks to learn, grow and socialize.

Kickball Director - David Patrickson

  • Played Kickball and Dodgeball for 6 years in SF.
  • Played on Schlepping Home (queer kickball team) since its inception in 2017. Player on Incrediballs (queer dodgeball team).
  • Jamaican born and Maryland raised, but San Francisco is home. 
  • Believes that joining a queer sports league is an incredible way to build a community of LGBTQ+ friends and allies.

Head Umpire - Tom Howe

  • Played queer dodgeball and kickball for 5 years in SF. 
  • Former varsity cross-country and track & field runner.
  • Captain of Incrediballs – a queer dodgeball team in San Francisco.
  • Believes recreational sports offer participants an opportunity to grow life skills such as leadership and collaboration.

Umpire - Jeremy Schrader

  • With almost 30 years of combined experience in baseball, softball, and kickball
  • Proud to share his knowledge of the game with Stonewall Sports SF.
  • His sporty schedule consists of playing in several gay leagues in San Francisco: softball on Sundays, dodgeball on Mondays, kickball on Tuesdays, and bowling on Wednesdays.
  • A dog lover and a cat tolerator.

Communications Director - Jack Farrell

  • You won't often find Jack on the field, since he prefers to be on clipboard and orange slice duty
  • Served as Schlepping home "czar" for several years
  • An avid supporter social sports, as they help build friend groups and communit


    Events Director - Jeremiah Patterson

    • Played queer kickball for 10 years in Washington, D.C., first as a member of Thursday-night Stonewall teams (Booze on First), then as an eight-year member of Stonewall Kickball DC’s Monumount Me, including two seasons as captain.
    • Currently plays dodgeball and kickball on queer teams in SF.
    • Queer sports have been the single largest source of LGBTQ friendship and community for him over the last decade.
    • Wishes to create that same opportunity and space for other queer people in SF.


      Young Professionals Representative - Andrew Hong

      • Plays kickball, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, and softball in queer leagues in SF.
      • Born and raised in San Francisco. 
      • That friend who's always encouraging everyone to get out and be active.
      • Loves to see people achieve fulfillment through playing social team sports.

      Treasurer - Nick Hoelker

      • Played queer kickball and dodgeball for 5 years in SF.
      • Previous intramural kickball and softball experience in San Diego.
      • Works in risk management and data science.
      • Queer sports was instrumental for him in making new friends when he moved to San Francisco without knowing many people and he wants to help others have the same opportunity.

      Social Media Manager - Jack Taylor

      • Moved to San Francisco in 2021. Plays Dodgeball, KicKball, and Ultimate Frisbee (triple threat baybeeee).
      • Loves trivia.
      • LinkedIn headshot is still from junior prom.

    Secretary - Jarratt Ong

    • Newly arrived from tropical Singapore to foggy San Francisco.
    • His fidgetiness led him to enjoy fencing and dodgeball.
    • Avid cat and dog sitter.
    • Excited for the opportunity to get involved in creating community in a new place.

    Board Member At Large - Jack Tao

    • Member of queer kickball and dodgeball teams in SF.
    • Competes in curling at tournaments across the western United States.
    • Has lived in San Francisco for five years.
    • Finds queer sports to be a great way to meet new people, have fun, and get exercise!

    Mentorship Director - Thao Le

    • Captain of Into? (queer kickball team) for three seasons.
    • An experienced league umpire who puts an emphasis on the fun, fairness, and family that comes from team sports.
    • Loves to help new players learn the game and lend moral support to her teammates.
    • Believes that our teams are like family. We take care of each other on and off the courts and fields!

    Board Member At Large - Theresa Moore

    • A lifetime athlete since childhood.
    • Found adult queer kickball to be the perfect combination of team activities, building community, and having fun.
    • Actively plays in several women's basketball pickup leagues around the Bay and an occasional pickleball game.

    Board Member at Large - Pete Donatello

    • Member of a queer kickball team, Schlepping Home, since Fall of 2021.
    • Lead efforts on uniforms, photography, social media, and events/mixers. 
    • Hobbyist photographer with love for the Bay Area, and left his heart in Alameda, CA
    • Pete found kickball as an adult during the pandemic and is an advocate for the transformative capacity of Queer rec sports to build community and change lives.

    Board Member At Large - Prashant Jaisinghani

    • An original member of the “Incrediballs” in OutLoud Sports.
    • Lives in San Francisco and has called it home for over 20 years (so almost since he was a bay-bee)
    • Likes team stuff, chocolate and handing out red balloons to kids by sewers.

Board Member At Large - Zachary Jafek

  • Big Gay Frisbee Captain and league leader
  • Dodgeball is my all-time favorite sport
  • Love creating sober friendly queer spaces like sports

Board Member at Large  – Mitch Rood

  • Over 5 years of experience captaining kickball teams in Minneapolis and San Francisco
  • Born and raised in North Dakota
  • Wishes he had a dog
  • Teaches fitness classes at the Jewish Community Center in SF
  • Former Board Chair of the YMCA in Minneapolis, MN

Board Member at Large  – Benni Vargas

  • My experience with Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh (including kickball and dodgeball), may help with our new league in SF

    Board Member at Large  – Elias Garcia

  • Hello, my name is Elias and I’m originally from Texas and living in San Francisco for the last 5 years.  
  • I’m an HIV activist and brand ambassador and a Leader in the hospitality industry.
  • I’ve been involved in the San Francisco sports scene for over 3 years now.  
Board Members
Matt Williams
Stonewall National President
Blake Gottlieb
Adam Eckstein
David Patrickson
Kickball Director
Tom Howe
Head Umpire
Jeremy Schrader
Thao Le
Mentorship Director
Jack Farrell
Jack Taylor
Social Media Manager
Jeremiah Patterson
Nick Hoelker
Andrew Hong
Young Professionals Representative
Jarratt Ong
Jack Tao
Member At Large
Pete Donatello
Member at Large
Prashant Jaisinghani
Member at Large
Theresa Moore
Member at Large
Zachary Jafek
Member at Large
Mitch Rood
Member at Large
Elias Garcia
Member at Large
Gaya Blair
Member at Large
Benni Vargas
Member at Large