Stonewall Sports - San Francisco
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About Stonewall Sports

What's Stonewall Sports About?

Stonewall Sports San Francisco is a volunteer-run non-profit sports league that provides a safe and inclusive community for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to learn, grow, and connect. We strive to promote player development, community service, and a positive player experience both on and off the field. 

You may know some of our local board members, featured here: Meet The Board

We are a chapter of Stonewall Sports, Inc., a national organization that was founded in 2010 in Washington DC as an LGBTQIA+ community-based, 501(c)(3) sports organization that strives to raise funds for local non-profit organizations through organized sports. Our national league and local chapters all value each player for who they are and what they bring to the leagues community.

What Makes Stonewall Sports San Francisco Unique?

  • A diverse, all-volunteer leadership board that is focused on providing the highest caliber player experience
  • An inclusive community, where all members of the LGBTQ+ community can feel welcome and are welcome
  • A non-profit where registration fees are reinvested in you. 100% of proceeds go to player experience, social engagements, or charitable donations.
  • Assistance and financial waivers for those who need them. This league is for all players regardless of socio-economic background. 
  • A focus on social events. Each season will have an opening and closing party.
  • Online training for all players, captains, and umpires
  • In-person training for all players, captains, and umpires at Booty Camp, the week before our first game
  • Professional-grade umpires who are all league-certified and have passed a thorough rules examination and are appropriately compensated for their professional service
  • Official Stonewall T-shirts, provided to each player before their first game in their team's specific color
  • Professional and personal development opportunities through joining the leadership board, becoming a captain, or getting involved with the community
  • Support to each team’s social chair, helping curate inter-team mixers. The league will provide structure and help to ensure all teams feel supported.
  • Convenient venues and schedules. We aim to offer a diverse array of consistent weekly timeframes at accessible locations that accommodate a variety of player schedules. 
  • Partnerships with other queer and queer-friendly non-profit sports organizations. We are proud to be friends with many non-profit queer sports organizations throughout the Bay Area. Together, we collectively represent the best of our area's LGBTQ+ sports and are proud to promote a strong non-profit athletics community. As one big sporty queer family, we plan to partner to provide interleague events and mixers. 

Where do Registration Fees go?

As a 501c(3) organization, all our fees go directly toward the operation of the league, events for you, or our philanthropic cause. None of our local or national board members are paid.

Each season, we select an organization to receive the benefit of our philanthropic commitment. In our inaugural year, we are happy to partner with The SF LGBT Center.

We look forward to supporting the only nonprofit organization in SF that is dedicated to helping all members of the LGBTQ+ community across a diverse set of needs. Learn more about our commitment here.


About Registration

What If I Cannot Afford To Pay?

If you cannot afford to pay the full registration fee this season, please contact and we will work with you so that you can participate in full. 

Are Registration Fees Refundable?

Registration fees are non-refundable. Please contact us if for some reason you are unable to participate.

Can I Sign Up Without A Team?

Yes, solo participants ("Free Agents") will get matched with compatible teams. To register:

  1. Free Agent registers via Registration for Individuals, Groups, and Team Joiners
  2. The league will contact you to match you up with a compatible Team!

Can I Sign Up With A Friend?

See below:

Can I Sign Up With A Partial Team or Group?

Yes, groups of two or more friends can stay connected. To register:

  1. First groupmate registers via Registration for Individuals, Groups, and Team Joiners and creates a Group Code
  2. Other groupmate(s) register via Registration for Individuals, Groups, and Team Joiners, entering Group Code when prompted
  3. The league will contact your first groupmate to match your group with other compatible groups to form a full team!

Can I Sign Up My Whole Team?

Yes, pre-existing teams can participate. To register:

  1. Team Captain registers via Registration for Captains and generates a Team Code
  2. Teammates register via Registration for Individuals, Groups, and Team Joiners, entering Team Code when prompted
  3. The league will contact your Team Captain to match your group with compatible Free Agents!

About Kickball

What If I Do Not Know How To Play?

Our program is for players of all skill levels. We provide pre-season training and instruction via Kickball 101 and Booty Camp so that you can level up before your first game! Be sure to check out our Kickball Page for a recording of Kickball 101 and a copy of our rulebook.

What If My Team Is Inexperienced?

We intend to coach and support newer teams, providing you with experienced players from our leadership board whenever you are matched up against an experienced team. You'll get to know each other better and play stronger each week. 

We'll also do our best to start off the season with matchups between teams of equal experience to the extent possible.