What if I have never played pool before?

This is a great place to start to learn to play pool!  You don't need to know anything about the sport to get started.  At the beginning of the season we have open play and a skills clinic to go over the essentials including how to hold the cue, how to aim, what the rules are, etc.  You will learn the basics during the skills clinic and will learn more from your team as you play your matches.


Where and when do you play?

Games will be played at either Atomic Billiards or Rocket Bar each week during the season.  Games are played on Monday nights beginning at 7:30 PM and generally last until around 9:30 PM.


What are the rules?

We have our own set of rules.  If you are familiar with billiards we adapted most of our rules from APA.  You can see the current version of the rules on the References page.


What format are the games?

During the season teams play 8 ball in doubles format on 8-foot tables.  We also have tournaments during the season including singles 8 ball, singles 9 ball, and doubles 8 ball


What if I can't make it every week?

We do ask that all players have intentions on playing.  We are all adults and know there are times you may not be able to make it and that is ok.  Teams generally have enough players to account for scenarios when a player is unavailable so just make sure your team captain is aware.


Do I need my own equipment/cue?

No - there are plenty of house cues available for you to use at the bar for free.  Some league members do have their own cues.  If you are getting into pool for the first time it is best to wait to see if you enjoy playing before investing in a cue.  If you end up deciding that you want your own cue chances are someone on your team will have one that you can try.  That way you can get a feel for what works best for you and also get some recommendations.