Gimli Minor Hockey
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Thanks to all who attended our AGM. Gimli Minor Hockey greatly appreciates all the time and effort put forth by our amazing community of volunteers! Your selfless dedication allows us to continue to teach our children to be succesful in both life, and learning the game we all love. 
Nancy Johnson
Cory Jacobson
Dave Scully
Vice President
Brock Genyk
2nd Vice President
Steve Moore
Past President
Amanda Strouken
Chantel Spakowski
Melissa Palen
Ice Convenor
Matt Johnson
Equipment Coordinator
Chad Isfeld
Digital Media Operations Specialist Boss
Heather Wozlowski
Coach Coordinator
Stefan Johnson
Referee Coordinator
Member at Large
Darcy Jacobs
Member at Large
Adam Moncado
Member at Large
Sean James
Member at Large
Heather Reichert
Member at Large