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Stonewall Sports - Twin Cities Board of Directors


Jesse Dong (he/him)


Alex Asp (he/him)

Vice President

Will Malloy (he/him)

Communications & Marketing Director


Jessie Taylor (he/him)

Finance Director


Sonya Boyd (she/her)

Community Outreach Director


Robbie Molke (he/him)

Sponsorship & Events Director


John Cossette (he/him)

Bocce Commissioner


Tim Monigold (he/him)

Cornhole Commissioner


Charles Butler (he/him)

Dodgeball Commissioner


Tony Sumnicht (he/him)

Kickball Commissioner


Christopher Hartkeymeyer (he/him)

Tennis Commissioner


Thu Danh (he/him)

Pickleball Commissioner

Suzanne Blum Grundyson (she/her)

National Board of Directors - Minneapolis Representative