Good Evening Coaches,

We would like to introduce the Head Coaches for the OSFL  Season:
U10 - Jason Sparks
U12 - Roberto Allen
U14 - Dylan Laird
U16 - Shawn Batson
U18 - Paul Blackwood 

Head Coaches for OFFL Season 

U10 - Evens-PIERRE Barbier
U12 - Roberto Allen
U14 - Dylan Laird

Congrats coaches and to all your staff in 2022…



 As we all now know the Thunder will be playing in the OSFL, the largest tiered League in Canada for Summer and the OFFL for Fall play at U14 and Under only. There are 39 organizations and all teams playing this year in Ontario will be playing in the OSFL league. To help prospective players make the decision to join Thunder we want to showcase our coaches, as well we also want our coaches to get the recognition they deserve on our website. We have created a Coaching Profile Application form we need ALL coaches, and prospective coaches, to complete that tells us about you as a player, as a coach and what drives you. It also gives us an opportunity to see what positions and level our coaches want to get to, to allow us to help get you there as well as assist us in making sure we are providing the best coaches at each position, at each level. CLICK HERE FOR FORM

As part of Football Ontario ALL coaches MUST be registered in the National Registry as well as submit a current Vulnerable Vector Screening (VVS) to the organization before we start training. Anyone living in Toronto will need to go through Stehanie Boire, our Secretary, as she is the contact for our Organization. Anyone living outside of Toronto can follow the link below and apply online.

York Region

Durham Region

Peel Regional

 We will provide the link to our Coach National Registry link once it is completed.

Thank You for all that you do for all our players and families

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