Saskatchewan Amateur Volleyball Association

THE SUB LIST REGISTRATION LINK FOR THE 2023-2024 SEASON IS NOT YET CREATED.  Please check again before the start of the season.  The website will be updated once the link to register for the sublist has been created. You will see an option to select "Register as a Sub" under the Registration tab.

To Register as a Sub and have your name added to the sub list for 2023-2024 season, please go to the Registration tab and select "Register as a Sub".  All subs must be registered with the league and agree to the liability waiver, policies and Bylaws of SAVA.  Subs must also be a registered member of Saskatchewan Volleyball Association. (SVA).  Currently, SVA is undergoing a shift in their membership registration process. Once the process has been finalized and we have instructions on how to register, we will update this field of the website. 

Subs will not be added to the list until all the of above is verified.

Subs are contacted privately by teams when they need an extra player.

Players who belong to a team cannot be registered as a sub, unless they are a woman registered on a co-ed team, looking to sub for womens teams, or a woman registered to a women's team, looking to sub for co-ed teams.  (Players already registered to a team can "permit" for other teams in the same league if they are short players. However, permits can only be taken from teams in the same division or a lower division,  Women registered on a team but looking to sub for the opposite league do not need to formally be registered as a sub to play, it is jsut a way to get their name added to the list and more exposure by teams looking for players to fill in)

The players on the sub list can play for mulitple teams each week, in any division, and multiple teams for the duration of the regular season.  It allows a player to play for multiple teams without having to commit to one team.  It increases the chances for a player to find a team that fits their skill level. 

Subs are registered through TeamLinkt.  If any questions arise, please email the executive using the general feedback form.  The sublist will be shared with captains and the league through a private spreadsheet which also lists the captains names and contact information. If you are a captain and need this link sent to you again, please email the general feedback form.