Sarnia Sturgeon Football Club
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Our Story

The Sarnia Sturgeons Football Club has offered competitive summer football at the peewee, bantam, and junior varsity levels since 2006. We have since added our varsity team in 2021.  

We attract top players from all over Lambton County, and our teams travel from Chatham to Brampton. Our coach volunteers are committed to ensuring player safety, commitment, and respect. In addition to learning, playing and enjoying football, emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, self-discipline, teamwork, academic achievement and community involvement. 

We take immense pride in our foundation of values and principles that apply to all levels, and members of our football programs and our extended football family: 

  • To provide a positive experience for every athlete. We are committed to providing a fun, healthy environment based on mutual respect amongst players, and between players and coaches. Swearing, spitting, bullying is not part of the Sarnia Sturgeons Football Club (this applies to coaches, players and parents). 
  • To promote sportsmanship by providing a program emphasizing enhancement of discipline, good character and citizenship. The Sarnia Sturgeons' first consideration will always be the safety of the players. 
  • To ensure continuous improvement of players’ knowledge and skill at the sport of football. Our goal is to ensure that players will be better football players at the end of the season than they were at the beginning. 
  • Experience competition in both a practice and game setting. Every player will have equal opportunity to participate and improve during practices. Every player will contribute to the team in a game situation in accordance with their skill, level of maturity, dedication and position(s) they play. Although not always possible, we will strive for playing time for all players.

Our People 

The Sarnia Sturgeons Football Club is a not-for-profit association overseen by a volunteer board of directors with Tim Purdy as the Chairman/Owner. Our coaches at all levels of the organization are all volunteers who love the sport of football and are committed to helping our youth achieve their maximum potential as participants in this sport, while at all times promoting a sense of sportsmanship and growth. 

Meet our Sturgeon Family

Jim Grasse - Varsity Head Coach

Thomas & Micah Wittliff - JR Varsity Head Coach

Jay Arns - Bantam Head Coach

Bryson Horner - Peewee Head Coach