Red Stick Lacrosse
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Private Lessons

Red Stick Lacrosse is pleased to offer private instruction for individuals and groups from some of the area's best coaches and players. 

Red Stick Coaches provide:

  1. Initial Player Evaluation
  2. Organized lesson Plan for three training sessions
  3. Field
  4. Goals
  5. Balls
  6. Cones
  7. Insurance (for players and coaches)
  8. All necessary training devices

Coaches will provide evaluation and conclude with individualized practice plans and drills for players moving forward. We offer age and skill-appropriate instruction for all lacrosse positions and specialties, including Attack, midfield, close defense, short stick defense, and goalie. 

Our coaches offer positional or technique-based lessons; face-off, shooting, take-away checks, dodging, defense, positioning, strength and conditioning, and lacrosse IQ. 

All plans and workouts are tailored to an individual player, and coaches are assigned based on the type of instruction requested age, and skill level of the player. 

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