**Schedule Update for Oct. 18**


Good afternoon SAVA members,

We just learned that only the main entrance can be used to enter the MAP so in order to reduce congestion at the door, we are going to adjust the start times for some of the courts. This update won't show in the app until this evening.

Still only enter the building 5 minutes before your game start time.

Court 5 and 6: All start times 10 minutes earlier for the day. First game starts at 8:50am, so enter building at 8:45am

Court 3 and 4: All start times 5 minutes earlier for the day. First game starts at 8:55am, so enter building at 8:50am.

Court 1 and 2: No Change, first game starts at 9am, so enter building at 8:55am.


Thank you for your patience as we resume play after 7 months off. We know that there may be hiccups, but they may also lead to opportunities to improve. If you have ideas to help the membership for future weeks, please send a note to https://forms.gle/Jw1cUqCUBKtHzR4f9 when you think of it as we have a scheduled Exec meeting Oct 19 to debrief and improve for Oct 25.


Russell Lawrence



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