Saskatchewan Amateur Volleyball Association

May 8 2023

SAVA Return to Play Protocol *UPDATE*

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Please review the Return to Play Protocol prior to Sunday as it's been updated with some important information for all participants

If you are the captain of your team and wish to allow players to access your phone number in order to arrange for permits within your mini-league, please submit a request through the General Feedback form. However, contact information can be easily exchanged on Sunday.

Players can be added anytime via the 'Player Registration' link. It is found under 'Registration' on the SAVA website. If players are not able to join their team with the team code, they are not using the 'Player Registration' link. Players cannot be added any other way. 

Also, there are several helpful articles available on TeamLinkt within the app or the team page on the web. You can also enter a support request if needed. 


Stay safe everyone,


Treana Wunsch

President, SAVA



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