Saskatchewan Amateur Volleyball Association

May 8 2023

Return To Play FAQ

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Hi everyone,

As expected there are some questions that everyone has so we will be updating this as they come in.

What if I don’t want to put in a team? Will I lose my spot for next year?

While a public health order is in effect, teams will not be penalized for not putting in a team.
Their spots will be held over for the following year. Any new teams are a temporary basis until
the public health order is lifted.

Will there be a Seeding Tournament?

No. Tournament play is not allowed currently within the government guidelines.

At this time, a year-end tournament is not allowed within the Re-Open Saskatchewan
guidelines, but the Executive will be making updates to this Return to Play Plan as guidelines
are updated.

How will divisions be determined?

Teams will be ranked by the SAVA Scheduling Committee by looking at rosters to determine, within their best
judgment, a fair playing field. There will be 3 switchovers to enable teams to move to appropriate divisions if placement isn’t
accurate due to not knowing the player skill level.

Can players be added to rosters after registration?

Yes. Players can be added after registration as long as it’s before they step on the court as they will need to sign in and sign the waiver. There will be no time limit, only the 11 player limit.

You will only be able to make roster changes if a player cannot return to the league and it will need to be approved by the SAVA executive.

Can individuals play in more than one mini-league?

The Government of Saskatchewan recommends that individuals limit the number of mini-leagues they play in but is not restricting individuals to playing in only one mini-league.

Do I need to register as a player on the team if I was the one who signed the team up?

No, you are automatically added to the team as a player when you sign up your team.

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