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Jan 23 2024

Newsletter #1

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In this newsletter:

  • TeamLinkt

  • Give us a review

  • Manage your membership-Monthly and Trials

  • Upcoming events

  • Futures update-Video links and Stats

  • Super Bowl Fundraiser

  • A note from the director

  • Azevedo Clinic on Friday


In-App Badges and rewards

Challenges have been added to the teamlinkt app and will be monitored. Please be sure your athlete has access to the app to complete the daily and weekly challenges.

It's the work you do when no one is watching that matters the most!


Leave us a review.

Are you excited for the changes and want to see further growth? help us by writing a short review! Admin and Coaches appreciate the kind words!

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Manage Payments-Monthly and Trial Members

First set of payment is set to come out for our newer trial members. You can now manage your payments, including cancellation by going to our homepage at, scrolling to the bottom and clicking the "Manage Payment" Button. You will be directed to a Sign on page, with sign on info.


Upcoming Events for this weekend


Join Tony and Rico Azevedo at the 1st Annual Invitational Clinic, Presented by EMPIRE WPF, Elsinore Aquatics Club and 6-8 Sports! Visit the link for more information.


This weekend is the Patriot tournament for our 14U Boys team, they look to take on some of Southern California's best competition in their first tournament of 2024. Rest up, Eat up and go out there ready to dominate.


EAC's first dive into Futures WPL

EAC's 14U girls earned the opportunity to play at the futures tournament against some of the nations top teams in a 6 month long tournament taking place one weekend a month. Setting the bar high for the entire club, we're proud of the work and effort this team puts in everyday.

Their first foray into the wild world that is futures happened on sunday, these girls came out fierce, confident and ready to play. With both games close at the end of the 1st period, we clearly saw seperation by half at which point these games became about learning with high level competition being the tool. Our girls played til' the final whistle, we look forward to see what the rest of the tournament holds for Elsinore Aquatics Club.

Game 1 vs. Newport ?
Game 1 vs. Newport Stats ✔
Game 2 vs. 908 ?
Game 1 vs. 908 Yellow Stats ✔

Every team will have access to their own 6-8 stats, IF and only if we have a parent volunteer to take them on an Ipad, Do you want to learn how to use the 6-8 gamedesk and help your child's team gather game-changing data? Let a coach or admin know!


SuperBowl Fundraiser is underway!

Teams were polled and those who wanted to participate have taken to the streets of Social Media to get their squares sold. With 14U Boys and Girls participating, most squares are already sold!

Embrace the challenge!

A note from the director on high level competition and raising the bar for our recreational athletes.

"One of the biggest things the coaches and admin are attempting to bring to EAC is the belief that players need to know how to play every position, we witnessed this weekend how our own battle proven team can effectively be broken down as an entire offense, how we move in the pool, what we're going to do before we do it and opposing teams knew exactly how to move to force a new player into the goal area at will until vulnerabilities were found, this is simply because we are creatures of habit. Our strength in the past has become our weakness at this level, we need to learn to get comfortable at spots "we don't normally play-in".

In my own experience, professionally and through sports it's easy to get good at something, so good that people tell you you're good, then you become comfortable and no longer push yourself, in our case we need to learn every position. For instance, when we see a great shooter from the 4-5 side, but then find they freeze up at Set, or you know how to defend an outside wing, but moving to 2m defense or the Top is the scariest thing in the world because "I don't know how" . One of, if not the single most reason to correct this today is that when you or your athlete(if you're a parent) goes on to play pick up games, high school, college, masters or even at another club they can jump right in and be an impact player, leading to more earned playtime from a team or coach that knows little of you. At the highest levels of competition, and even with local recreational teams looking to pad numbers, we see International athletes are coming in and taking playtime from U.S. players, simply because they know the game and can execute on the technical aspects of each position as if it's a second language.

Coach Brad and myself have discussed adding training aids to the teamlinkt app, look out for updates and be sure your athlete has their own account to watch the videos. Obviously anything myself or coaches add to the app is optional to watch, these videos will include simple tips and tricks along with deeper education on positions. As a parent you'll know if your athlete watched those videos, we'll know if they watched the videos and it will show in the water if they watched those videos, it's optional, the work you do when no one is watching is what matters the most and it makes a difference when it comes to competing. As a bonus, athlete's will earn badges and can compete with teammates in the app as they gain skills.

As a board member, coach and parent, I want to provide the skills needed to overcome that adversity. I myself have began to take on a bigger role with EAC and it's development into Top Level competition while also remaining a recreational club, with this comes the idea that this game is dynamic and changes second by second, minute by minute of every game. It's my belief that there is no coach that can take everything into account as it's happening, sure, some maybe better than others at this single skill, but the best coaches and my own mentors have shown me that it's far better to have a team that can think for themselves in the game and only need technical and emotional guidance to get that breakthrough from coaches. This means increasing "Waterpolo IQ" so that athletes can adjust in game knowing what an opponent is doing and why, simply because they themselves have learned the game.

While our club undergoes this transformation, it's crucial to recognize that we possess the same tools, ideas, and methods as other highly successful clubs. We are at the initial stages of an exciting journey. Parents who've been part of this group since 12U and earlier understand the process's challenges. It's not easy, but it's a necessary evolution to push the envelope of our capabilities.

A special commendation to our 14U girls for their exceptional conduct, to parents for their unwavering support, and to coaches for discerning when to emphasize learning over struggling. With the advent of technology and data, we have the means to delve deeper. However, the data is only as good as what we feed it. Let's each find our performance baseline, discard any inhibitions, and strive to make a significant impact in every game.

Parents, please encourage after game thinking, let them know why you love watching them play and please do not encourage disrespectful language about players, coaches or referees, let's teach our athletes to hold themselves and teammates accountable. How your child athlete processes post game wins and losses is individual, whatever that is, help encourage a positive team culture. One comment from a parent after a game could be the reason an athlete falls out of love with the sport, remember they are playing for them, not for you.

My goal is to provide EAC with the training and tools needed to play at the highest levels and remain competitive. We have a dedicated group of coaches who will be training along side Rico and Tony Azevedo this Friday to help level up our programming. Players can attend the clinic for a cost of $175, visit for registration info. When it comes to coaching is currently interviewing applicants now for additional coaches to join the staff.

While we could aim to dominate every B-level team and tournament, our aspiration is to compete with the best while staying true to our purpose of building leaders, community and great humans. Through this approach, we won't get a wildcard spot into J.O's for one team; we'll earn every spot our club gets, starting today!

Let's be proud of what EAC is and stands for, let's continue to show our children to set the bar high for themselves and to make the choice to live up to that expectation for themselves and their team. I am excited to see this growth take place, to see where we need work, and to be able provide tools to improve. It's up to us all to write the next chapter of Elsinore Aquatics Club!

Good Luck to our 14U Boys who Travel to Irvine this weekend for the Patriot tournament, Start strong, Stay Driven and Finish Strong!

?? #EACTransformation #WaterpoloEvolution #CompeteWithTheBest"

-Tommy Avalos

Be part of something big! Join Tony & Rico Azevedo on Friday January 26th for a day of Water polo excellence and fun!


Elsinore Aquatics Club and EMPIRE WPF Proudly present an event like no other that's taken place in the IE!

Together we begin to look towards providing many more opportunities for our valley's youth to succeed!

Where Leaders are Built!

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