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Sep 5 2023

SNHL Rules : 2023-34

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  • The SNHL is a recreational, safe, non-contact hockey league.
  • All teams qualify for the round-robin playoffs, with the Regular Season champions earning a 1/2 point to start.
  • All players will be required to sign a waiver form online before being permitted to play.
  • Please stay off the ice until the Zamboni door closes. The clock will then be set for a 3-minute warm-up. When the buzzer sounds, the game will begin in 30 seconds. Teams will decide on a starting lineup prior to the warm-up.
  • Regular season games will consist of 3 x 15 min. running-time periods, with the last 2 minutes of the game to stop time if 1 or 2 goal difference. Hurry-up face-offs will be enforced in order to keep the game moving and minimize any wasted time. 
  • Playoff games will consist of 3 x 11 min. stop-time periods.
  • The SNHL will follow the CARHA hockey rulebook, except where noted differently below.
  • Two-line passes are legal. Icing will be called from behind the defending blue line.
  • Penalties will be RUN time. Minor = 3 min.;  Double-Minor = 6 min.;  Major = 7 min. + game ejection.
  • Any player who has been assessed THREE (3) PENALTIES in one game shall be ruled off the ice for the remainder of the game (Game Ejection).
  • The face-off immediately following a penalty call will be in the offending team’s zone. 
  • Penalty Standards: The stick is used for playing the puck only. Any and all hooking, slashing, etc. will be called. As well, any intentional body contact for purposes of knocking someone over or off the puck shall be a penalty.  The intention of implementing these rules is to reduce the need for retaliation and to help eliminate the non-calls due to differences in skill levels.  Penalties will be called the same for all skill levels.
  • Contact to the Head: Any accidental or incidental contact with the opponent's head will result in a minor penalty.  Any intentional contact with the opponent's head will result in a minor, double minor, major + game, or match, at the discretion of the ref.  Any face punch, face wash, or head grab during a scrum after the whistle will result in a double minor, major + game, or match, at the referee’s discretion.
  • High sticking will be enforced at the referee’s discretion. 
  • Intentional “violent” actions (high-stick, slash, butt-end, cross-check, hit from behind) will result in a double minor, major + game, or match, at the referee’s discretion.
  • All major penalties will result in a game ejection and will be further reviewed by the league. Additional game suspensions may be enforced. Further major penalties in the same year will result in multiple game suspensions with the possibility of expulsion from the league, upon review, as well, the player will be on probation for the following season.
  • Gross misconduct penalties (misuse of an official, travesty of the game, etc.) will result in a game ejection plus indefinite suspension until fully reviewed by the league.
  • Additional Discipline: If there is an incident that requires further review, each team rep involved will provide a written statement, plus referees, and anyone else impartial who witnessed it. The league will review and decide if any additional discipline is needed.  Even if the referees don’t make a call on the ice, you may be suspended for any violent or unsportsmanlike actions that are reported.
  • No refund shall be given to any player who is ejected from the league.
  • Fighting will be monitored.  1st fight = 2 games suspension; 2nd fight = 3+ game suspension, plus review. Any player found to be instigating a fight may be assessed additional games following a review.
  • Any suspensions in the final games will be carried over into the following season.
  • DO NOT play while under suspension. If unsure, check with your team rep.
  • Non-registered spares are not permitted to play. Any spare player must register on the league website, agree to the waiver, and may be used throughout the regular season only. Spare players will pay $20/game directly to their team rep.
  • Face protection is mandatory – half visor or full mask. If you lose your helmet during the play, you must put it back on immediately, or return to your team’s bench. Playing the puck without your helmet on will result in a minor penalty.
  • All league players are insured by CARHA. Facial protection and mouth guard are required to make any dental claims.  A full list of benefits is available at Click here for the CARHA Claim Form.
  • As per our contract with the Town of Caledon, alcohol or tobacco products are NOT PERMITTED anywhere in the facility. This is under the penalty of loss of ice for the entire league! Violation of this rule WILL result in expulsion from the league without a refund.  Smoking is also prohibited within 30’ of any entrance to the arena.

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