• All fees charged by the Junior Gaels Football Club are required to operate the programs and are in no way related to a player’s playing time. Registrants are not entitled to a refund based on playing time considerations. Playing time can be reduced if fees are not in good standing. Any outstanding fees from previous seasons will lead to a suspension with the Ontario Football Alliance (OFA) and Football Canada.


  • Try-out/Training Camp fees are non-refundable fees and are due at registration for all programs.
  • Player withdrawing from the program prior to the 1st season game will be entitled to a refund of season fees, minus a $250 non-refundable administration fee. Withdrawal notification must be made in writing to the President and Head Coach.
  • Any player who has to leave the program due to medical reasons, and who provides a doctor's note explaining said reason, will be entitled to a pro-rated refund. Withdrawal notification must be made in writing to the President and Head Coach no later the 30 days from injury/illness.
  • Any player who leaves their team FOR ANY REASON after the start of league play will not be entitled to a refund.
  • No refunds shall be issued under any circumstances until a person’s full payment has cleared the bank.
  • No refunds shall be issued until the Registrar confirms that all club equipment / property has been duly returned.


  • Because we travel to our away games via coach buses, the following is a breakdown of responsibilities and accountability for players, managers, parents and coaches.
  • Each team’s coaches and staff will determine specific rules for conduct on the bus and will handle any discipline issues with their team that may develop. The following list of actions undertaken by any member of the Junior Gaels’ players while a passenger on the bus, or at an opponent’s facility, shall be deemed as a major incident and as such may be subject to the player(s) not being allowed to continue to ride the bus for future games and will carry a suspension:
  • Uttering foul and offensive language will not be tolerated.
  • Disrespecting any players, managers, coaches, parents or bus driver, whether verbally or physically will not be tolerated.
  • Refusing to follow all rules and policies as explained by the coaches and the bus driver.
  • Use of Drugs, cannabis, alcohol and /or tobacco and e-cigarettes.
  • Departure Rules for Game Days: Parents and players are responsible for notifying the designated team manager if they cannot make the trip or if alternate travel arrangements are being made. This must be communicated in writing to the team manager PRIOR to game day.
  • Parents and/or players are required to be at the departure point no later than 30 minutes before departure time. This allows for loading the bus and verifying that all players are present and accounted for. Making 30 to 50 or more people wait is not an option!
  • Players residing are expected to board buses at the designated pick-up locations
  • Equipment Expectation: Players are responsible for having all of their equipment in a bag to be stored in the appropriate storage space on the bus.
  • Any personal travel money and personal property is the responsibility of the player. We will not tolerate any disrespect of personal property.
  • Dress code and travel conduct will be set and communicated by the organization, and all players are bound by its rules. Failure to comply can, and will, result in disciplinary action by the organization. Remember that we are representing our cities and communities and must be respectful and considerate of those we are visiting.


  • All players must have regard for the equipment borrowed from the Club.
  • Equipment care is essential in maintaining good quality equipment for you and others to use while participating with the Junior Gaels football team.
  • The average cost of outfitting you with essential and proper fitting safety gear is around $1200.00 per athlete. If a player loses any piece of equipment, then they are responsible for the cost of replacing it new!
  • “Equipment” means any Junior Gaels Football Club equipment or uniform issued to a player.
  • A $750 equipment deposit post-dated cheque (dated to June 30th of the current playing year) is required before equipment can be issued. No exceptions.
  • All Junior Gaels Football Club property must be returned at the date and time scheduled by the Equipment Managers.
  • The equipment deposit will NOT be refunded unless the full registration fee is paid in full by the member.
  • The equipment deposit will NOT be returned until all Junior Gaels Football Club property is verified as returned.
  • If you are planning on using your own equipment, you will need prior approval and sign-off from the Equipment Manager.
  • Players need to report any faulty equipment to their respective coach and to the Equipment Manager.


  • There will be zero tolerance for hazing and harassing within the Junior Gaels Football Club.  The Club promises to treat all complaints seriously, whether they are made informally or formally. We undertake to act on all complaints to ensure that they are resolved quickly, confidentially, and fairly.
  • Harassment is defined as comment or conduct (through any medium) directed towards an individual or group, which is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, degrading or malicious. Hazing refers to any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status in a group) that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate.


  • Locker rooms are reserved for Players, Coaches and Staff ONLY.
  • Locker room floors will be free of trash and equipment that does not belong there.
  • The use of cell phones or any other type of recording device to take pictures and/or videos within the locker rooms is strictly forbidden and will result in disciplinary action. If anything (picture, comment, video) shows up anywhere on my space, your space, their space, anybody’s space, YOUTUBE, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook or similar sites, you will be subject to being dismissed from the team.


  • Our home games and practices are held on Queen’s University, Municipal facilities and/or School Board properties. By law, the use of recreational drugs, cannabis, alcohol and smoking are not permitted at the University or on School Board properties.
  • School/University property includes vehicles that are on grounds and all lands to the edge of the street.
  • Alternative tobacco products (e-cigarettes) may not be used on school and university property.
  • Providing any of the above-mentioned products to anyone under the age of 19 is illegal.
  • The Junior Gaels will enforce a zero tolerance policy with respect to players and usage of any of the above-mentioned


Parent Communication Process

  • Coaches have the authority over who becomes a participant of the team, when the participant plays, or is removed from the team. The coaching staff determines coaching strategy.
  • Acceptance of a position on the team includes acceptance of this policy. Therefore, these issues are not appropriate topics for parent involvement and parent discussions with coaches are discouraged.
  • It is NEVER acceptable for a parent to attempt to discuss playing time with a coach during a game or practice. It is also NEVER acceptable for a parent to attempt to discuss the performance or playing time of another player.
  • Any concerns should be directed to a Board of Director member or Team Manager and meetings can be scheduled to address your concerns. Contact should not be made to assistant coaches as they are relieved from meeting with parents and will simply point you toward contacting the Team Manager.

 Team Manager

  • The vast majority of player/parent concerns will be worked out at this level. If the player or parent is not satisfied with what transpired at this level, the next step will be to involve the President and the Board of Director and/or Executive Board.

Parents Attending Practice

  • All practices are open to parents unless otherwise notified.
  • We request that parents to stay off the field and not communicate with any players or coaches during practices. The time allocated for practice is short and all attention needs to be on practice.
  • Due to the intense focus and nature of teaching required in the film room, only players and coaches will be allowed to attend film sessions and team meetings.
  • When the team is doing drills in the gym parents are welcomed to sit in and observe.


The Junior Gaels Football Club (Jr Gaels/The Club) members reflect a diverse set of customers, values, and points of view. As representatives of the Junior Gaels Football Club, we require our membership to exercise good judgment in its use of Social Media websites and conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner. 

For the purposes of this policy, social media means any facility for online publication and commentary, including, without limitations, blogs, websites, and social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Flickr, Instagram, and YouTube. To assist in posting content and managing these sites, the Junior Gaels Football Club has developed policies and guidelines for official and personal use of social media. Junior Gaels Football Club board members, volunteers, players and members are free to comment via social media in accordance with this policy.

General Guidelines

  • When using an officially recognized social media channel, assume at all times that you are representing The Club. Please refrain from reporting, speculating, discussing, or giving any opinions on Junior Gaels Football Club topics or personalities that could be considered sensitive, confidential, or disparaging.
  • Confidential or proprietary club information or similar information of third parties, who have shared such information with you on behalf of the Junior Gaels Football Club should not be share publicly on these social media channels.
  • As in all communications, the board members and volunteers should be consistent in their message; this message shall be in accord with Junior Gaels Football Club’s mission and vision.
  • Player members are not permitted to post information, photos, or other representations of inappropriate behaviour, or items that could be interpreted as demeaning or inflammatory.
  • All communications will be respectful of others. This includes no ethnic slurs, offensive comments, defamatory comments, personal insults, and obscenity as well as being considerate of privacy, objectionable topics, such as politics and religion.
  • Members are permitted to tag the accounts of players, coaches, and members in posts or photos with the approval of the account owner. Images and updates shall not disclose personal information.
  • Junior Gaels Football Club social media assets are to be used for positive interaction. Please refrain from any negative comments or criticism of anyone or anything; including other players, team officials, teams, clubs, or referees.
  • Be mindful that all posted content is subject to review in accordance with Privacy Policy.
  • Junior Gaels Football Club logo’s and/or visual identity cannot be used for personal social media without the permission of the Junior Gaels Football Club Board of Directors and Executive Council as well as Queen’s Athletics.
  • Policy violations may be subject to disciplinary actions. It is not the intent of the Junior Gaels Football Club to police its social media accounts, however, actions will be taken if necessary.


The Junior Gaels Football Club Code of Conduct is a set of behaviours for people within the organization; it reflects the ideals and values of the Junior Gaels, as well as its commitment to uphold those values as part of what makes the Junior Gaels what it is. The Junior Gaels Football Club membership (whether players, paid staff or volunteers) and regardless of their duties and responsibilities, are called upon to conduct themselves with integrity, be fair and honest in our dealings with others, and treat others with respect and dignity. The following is the Junior Gaels Football

Club’s Code of Conduct:

  • Junior Gaels Football members and employees are responsible for their actions and accountable for the consequences of their actions or inaction.
  • At all times, Junior Gaels Football members and employees will act in a manner that encourages and maintains confidence among athletes, member organizations and the public, in the integrity of the Junior Gaels Football and its people.
  • The Junior Gaels Football Club will conduct its relations with, and discharge its duties to, other organizations, clients, the public and media with ethics and fairness.
  • All business dealings must be conducted in a fair and honest manner, both within the spirit and the letter of agreements, policies and legal requirements.
  • All persons should be treated with respect, tact and courtesy in all dealings with the Junior Gaels Football Club.
  • All communications with members, clients, whether oral or written, must be conducted in a professional manner, and should be delivered in a timely, accurate and clear manner.
  • Junior Gaels Football Club members and employees must not be in a conflict of interest or permit any influence that could conflict with the best interest of the Junior Gaels or prejudice the Junior Gaels reputation.
  • Disclosure in writing is required for any Junior Gaels Football Club member or employee associated with, employed by, performing services for or with a financial interest in any other corporation, body or enterprise doing business with or seeking to do business with the Junior Gaels.
  • Confidentiality of personal and sensitive information must be respected.
  • The Junior Gaels will develop, implement, maintain and enforce reasonable policies and procedures to ensure confidentiality and safeguard confidential information.
  • All methods of seeking and obtaining financial support for Junior Gaels activities must be carried out in a manner consistent with maintaining membership and public confidence in, and respect for, the Junior Gaels authority on matters of ethics in sport and its independence from vested interests.
  • The Junior Gaels must use its resources (including human and material resources, funds, equipment and information) responsibly and in the best interests of all its members.
  • Any complaint received concerning the Junior Gaels football Club must be handled professionally, promptly and courteously, with a written reply if requested, and a written record maintained.

Athlete-Centered Conduct - With respect to its relations with athletes, the Junior Gaels will:

  • Show respect and regard for the interests and goals of athletes;
  • Act on the belief that the athlete as a person is more important than the sport;
  • Demonstrate responsiveness to individual needs and situations;
  • Engage in practices that maintain and enhance the ethic of care for self and others;
  • Carry out its activities in a manner, which demonstrates concern for the health, well-being, protection and enhancement of all athletes.
  • Encourage and respect individual responsibility in developing ethical ideals through moral reflection, moral dialogue and moral practices in sport.
  • Administrators should supervise their programs and personnel so as to maintain the principles, integrity, and dignity of the organization/institution which they represent.
  • Administrators should not exert pressure on members of their organization or coaches to give players consideration they do not deserve.
  • Administrators, in conjunction with their coaches, should set and follow the procedure which relate to the players, rules, officials, public relations, recruiting, game day, and other applicable responsibilities.
  • Administrators are ultimately responsible for all facets of their programs and the personnel operating within their sphere of influence.
  • Violations for any of the above will be dealt with by the Junior Gaels Executive Council following the constitution and by-laws of the Club on further penalties at their sole discretion.
  • Any abuse of electronic communications, including but not limited to social media networks, phone, emails, etc. and using them to spread rumours or false information, discredits any Junior Gaels members, or undermines any member of the Junior Gaels including the Junior Gaels executive, or Junior Gaels Club, will not be tolerated in the Junior Gaels.
  • All members are to follow the proper protocols established with in the Junior Gaels for communication or displeasure. Any violations may be dealt with by the Junior Gaels Executive Council with suspension and/or expulsion from the Club.
  • The Points of Emphasis which appear in the Amateur Football Rule Book shall be considered an integral part of this Code of Ethics and should be carefully read and observed.

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