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Synchronized Swimmers are unique in that their hair must be put in a high bun and coated with gel (Knox Gelatin) when they are competing at the Championships and in the show. This is not necessary for Wednesday league meets where a white swim cap is worn.

Synchro Gel Kit Contents

  • Unflavored Knox gelatin: 4 to 6 packets. Mix ratio – 2-3 packets, minimum to ½ cup hot water
  • Paper (disposable) hot cup: to mix gel in
  • Plastic spoons
  • Pastry brush: 1” size or disposable paintbrushes
  • Brush: to put hair up in ponytail
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • Hair donut to form bun (can be purchased at any beauty supply store)
  • Hairnets
  • Hairpins
  • Bobby Pins: (small size) to pin on headpieces. Need at least 1 pack per routine.
  • Rubber bands: an assortment of sizes
  • Vaseline
  • Washcloth and old towel or sheet
  • Thermos for hot water
  • Shampoo / conditioner (optional), to be used by the swimmers to get the “Gel” out. Hair must be washed with warm water to get the gel out. This must be done at HOME - Pool rules do not allow swimmers to use the pool showers to wash out gel. 

WARNING: Gelatin will clog plumbing. DO NOT pour any down the drain!