Umpire Resources


Covid 19 Checklist 

This must be filled out and brought to eadh Clinic. No form No play.:

Click the link to open and print the form: Covid 19 Check list.


Weekly Covid 19 form for umpires

This form must be completed weekly for all umpires

Umpire Covid 19 form


Umpire feedback form 


This form is for umpires to report issues they have had with the game.  Both umpires should submit their story.

UIC will follow up on all submitted forms.

Umpire feedback


2021 Umpire Schedule


Click the link to see schedule:  2021 umpire schedule


Local League Calgary umpire resources


LLCU umpire resources :   LLCU umpire


District 3 umpire resources


District 3 umpire resources link :  District 3 umpire






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