Airdrie Little League FAQ'S


Question: When does registration open?

Answer: Registration opens usually in February and runs until the end of March.


Question: I am new to the league what should I expect?


  •  Step 1 : Registration for all divisions opens around February
    •              Registration Late fees March 15th to end of March
    •  Step 2 : Evaluations for divisions Minor, Major, Junior, Senior  around Last week of March first week of April subject to location availability.
      •  Step 3: Coaches are Contacted and Look to get coaches to fill all coaching sports.  ( You can help us by volunteering as a Coach Register online)
      •  Step 4: Coaches attend Coaching Clinics to learn techniques and to collect equipment.
      •  Step 5: Coaches reach out to the team and arrange a parent meeting to go over expectations for the season and to collect Cheques for Volunteer and Jersey ( Minor, Major, Junior, Senior)
      •  Step 6: Umpire clinics To happen in April for umpires who have registered and returning umpires. Usually 2 days of instruction and some clinics during the season.
      •  Step 7: Teams can choose to have practices before the season if there is time.
      •  Step 8: The season begins the Last week of April or the first week of May usually on a Monday.  Diamond conditions can also delay year to year.
      •  Step 9: Midseason tournament towards the end of May conducted over a weekend team and individual pictures are usually taken at this time (Volunteers needed for various positions in concessions and field prep etc)
      •  Step 10: Year-end Tournament one of the last weekends of June before children are finished school Pictures are handed out at this tournament  Coaches collect Jerseys and return equipment after the finish of the Tournament (Volunteers needed for various positions in concessions and field prep etc)
    • Question: I want to help how can I get involved?

Answer: We have an annual AGM if you are interested in a board position. We are 100% volunteer.  We have positions in concession, coaching, game volunteer positions each, field prep help in the spring and over the season, team coordinators, and many more.  Please reach out to any of our board members and they can put you in touch with someone that can get you in a position to help.

Question:  Where do I find the covid checklist?

Answer: The link is under Coaching and Parent resources and here is the link as well:  Covid 19 Check list.


Question: What is required to play?


Each player must supply their own regulation bat and properly fitted helmet, Jock or Jill (personal protection) this is mandatory. Proper foot ware is required - cleats are recommended. White baseball pants are required for all Teams, Minor division and above. Each child will be required to have a baseball glove.

*Note Little League Baseball has adopted the new bat standard for mandated use effective January 1, 2018. All bats must display the USA Baseball Logo Please click the link below for more information

New Bat Rules


Question: When will we find out about Schedules?

Answer: Every effort be made to have coach's contact players by April 15th for the  season, with games starting the last week of April to first week of May. Schedules will be posted on the web site under division information. Schedules will also be sent by coaches when ready.


Question: How will I find out what team my child is assigned too?

Answer: Once teams are assigned if you have the teamlinkt app you will be able to see the team. Only the email that registerd the player.  Once you see the team you can invite other parents to join.   The coaches should also reach out via email.


Question: What if I have a request?

Answer: Put your request in the comments field on registration. Not all requests may be granted but Airdrie Little League will review the request and try to accommodate as much as they can.


Question: What if I want my child to play in a different age group?

Answer: Children will only be allowed to move up from T-ball and Coach Pitch.


Question: What if I cannot pay online?

Answer: Email the Airdrie Little League Treasurer


Question: How many days a week do they play and what times?

Answer: Most divisions can expect 2 games a week plus a practice. Warmup usually starts around 6pm with games at 6:30pm. Until scheduling is done days of the week will not be known and can vary from week to week


Question: If my child has never played can they join at any division?

Answer: We welcome first time players to start at any division they are ranked during evaluations and teams are made even. Our programs are designed to progress players with consistent drills and practices.


Question: What division is my child in by age for this season?

Answer: Click here to see Age Chart 2023!


Question: How do evaluations work?

Answer: Emails will be sent out with date location and age group times. Each group will get a time, they will go through stations, and be evaluated on pitching, fielding, throwing and batting.


Question: What if our child cannot make evaluations?

Answer: The child may be placed on a team and evaluated at that time. If they need to move, they will be moved to appropriate skill level team.


Question: What is Airdrie Little League refund policy?


T-ball and Coach Pitch refund policy:

Refunds will be returned in full up to the closing of registration for T-ball and Coach Pitch. No refunds will be given back after registration closes


All Divisions with Evaluations refund policy:

For all other division’s half refunds will be given up to the start of evaluations. No refunds will be given back after evaluations have started.


Question: What is the volunteer deposit?

Answer: Volunteer program and policy are changing please review new policy / program: Volunteer Program


Question: What is required to fulfill may volunteer commitment?

Answer: Volunteer program and policy are changing please review new policy / program: Volunteer Program


Question: How do I see my receipt after registration?

Answer: You should receive an email: Your registration for Airdrie Little League is complete with a link to log in to the account with the same email your registered with. Once logged in you should see the receipt.


Question: How do I upload the medical release if I did not do it during registration?

Answer: Once the player is placed on a team you should have access to attach documents.


Question: What is Airdrie Little League air quality policy

Answer: With ongoing wildfires in Alberta, the air quality in many areas of the province has become a concern for outdoor activity. As such Airdrie Little League has decided to implement the following policy based on Alberta Health Services guidelines.

Please review the following information, with the understanding that if the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is '7' or higher at your location, games will be suspended or cancelled while that condition continues. Games should not be started or resumed until the AQHI is '6' or lower.

1. More information on air quality advisories can be found at - air quality advisories
2. The Air Quality Health Index for your location can be viewed at - Air Quality Health Index
3. You can also download an AQHI app for your phone at - AQHI phone app