Western Mass Relics
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Volunteer Board

Dear Relics - please review these opportunities to help us out this season.  Check out the "schedule" below and if you can help out please contact any of these gents and they'll add you to the schedule:

  • Dan Fredette (mainly for Gold Umps and Scoreboard Operators)
  • Roger Coughlin (mainly for Gold Umps and Scoreboard Operators)
  • Dock Ericksberg (mainly for Silver Umps and Scoreboard Operators)
  • Bobby Niemiec (mainly for Silver Umps and Scoreboard Operators)
  • Paul Grudgen
  • Dave Beach
  • Ted Chmura

Scoreboard Operator: in 5 minutes we can show you how to operate the Scoreboard Controller.  We even have a table and chair all set up.  Please consider signing up for just ONE NIGHT during the Season.  There are 235 of us and GOLD plays on 84 nights and SILVER plays on about the same.  Please...just ONCE during the Season would make a difference.

Gold Umpire / Silver Umpire: Again - if you can help out just ONCE during the Season, we'd have plenty of coverage.

Restrooms Duty: Just twice a week (Tuedays and Fridays), which is 36 times the whole season we need to clean up the restrooms - per our arrangement with The Fish.  It takes about 10 minutes.  Can you volunteer 10 minutes ONCE this Season?

Field Maintenance: Every day before games are played the infield needs grooming.  Once in a while we need to mow the grass.  There are other odd maintenance items that need to occur too.  Can you assist?