Registration Policy

For the 2021 playing season, the 1st 96 Players in the Gold Division and the 1st 112 Players in the Silver Division to Fully Register are guaranteed a spot on a Roster.  Those who Fully Register next are placed on a Waitlist and are not guaranteed to be rostered.

You are considered Fully Registered when both of the following are true:

  • We have received your Registration Form
  • We have received your Payment

...and the Date on which this happens is your Registration Date.  That Date is used to determine who the 96/112 are, and the order of the Waitlist.

=== Q&A ===

Q: I’ve been playing for years.  Does this mean I’m guaranteed a spot this year?

A: No.  NO DISRESPECT to our long time, loyal Players intended - but it would be inherently unfair - and an administrative nightmare - to “hold” a spot for a Player who might or might not register at some future point, and keep others who are ready to fully register from “getting in”.  The policy in place is fair to all and does not favor or discriminate.   

Q. How can I make my Payment?

Make a check payable to "Western Mass Relics" and mail it to:

Western Mass Relics
c/o Ted Chmura
150 Higher Brook Drive
Ludlow, MA 01056

Q. I’m hearing/seeing a lot about the new Online Registration Form.  Do I have to use it?

A. No - but we would really, really appreciate it if you did.  Every Relic to-date has used the Online Form.  It’s easy, and if you need help we’ll help you.  If you want to download a “paper” form please visit the “Register to Play” page on our website and there is a link you can use to download it.

Q. We always took care of this in April in years past...why is this happening so early this year? / "What's the rush"?

A. This is a year like no other and the Board felt it would be beneficial to all to have the registration info in earlier than usual to help make decisions and form contingency plans.

Q. If I have any questions or need help, is there someone I can contact?

A. Of course.  Contact Ted Chmura, the Registrar by email at or by voice call or text at 413.589.1965.

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