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Don't miss out on the fun! At Stonewall Sports San Francisco, we're more than just a sports league. We infuse our games with fun and put a big emphasis on our social events! From Booty Camps to Opening Parties to Themed Nights, you just have to be there! Check out our Flickr and YouTube, and these highlights below from recent events:

06.02.24 Dodgeball booty camp (summer)

06.02.24 Dodgeball Booty Camp


05.19.24 Dodgeball all-stars (spring)

02.19.24 Dodgeball Pilot Program Opening Night

24.02.18 Dodgeball

09.12.23 Kickball Opening Games (Fall)


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23.09.12 Kickball Opening Games

09.10.23 Kickball Opening Party (Fall)


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23.09.11 Kickball Opening Party

09.05.23 Kickball Booty Camp (Fall)

It’s officially Fall! Kicking off Fall Kickball in style during our seasonal Booty camp!


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23.09.05 Kickball Booty Camp

08.29.23 Kickball All-Stars Game (Summer)

Ending our summer season with a Kickball All-Stars Game! Our Kickball Directors Tom and DP pulled players from every team for a matchup of the season! Thanks to everyone for coming out and having a great time!

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23.08.29 All-Stars Game

08.22.23 Kickball Playoffs (Summer)

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23.08.22 Kickball Playoffs (Summer)

08.01.23 Kickball Leather Themed Game


07.18.23 Kickball Barbie's Dream Team Themed Game

Oh Barbie themed kickball game last night was so much fun! We cant wait to see what everyone pulls out for leather night in two weeks!


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23.07.18 Kickball Barbie's Dream Team

06.27.23 Kickball Week 2

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23.06.27 Kickball Week 2

06.20.23 Kickball Opening Night

Wow, what a way to officially kick off our first season!

Everyone played amazingly and had tons of fun doing so!

We also had the pleasure of being joined by friends from Stonewall Sports Nationals, the SF LGBT Center, and Supervisor Matt Dorsey for our opening ceremony.

Cheers to an amazing season!

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23.06.20 Kickball Opening Games

06.13.23 Kickball Booty Camp

There was nothing but great energy and enthusiasm at our kickball booty camp! Big shout out to everyone who participated, you all made the vibes immaculate. It’s going to be hard waiting another SIX WHOLE DAYS for the first game!

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23.06.13 Kickball Booty Camp

06.08.23 Kickball Opening Party

We had such a blast at our kickball season opening party! Thanks to Rumors for hosting us and to everyone who joined us!

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23.06.08 Kickball Opening Party


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