Stonewall Sports - San Francisco
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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We have experienced the transformative capacity for all players to build community, grow together, and to develop leadership and collaboration skills. 

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to unite individuals from varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to collaborate and create a safe and welcoming sports environment for all our players, both on and off the field. We believe that diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, gender identity, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, culture, education, socio-economic background, and professional and life experience.

For us, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) is not just a mission statement—it's a commitment. We are dedicated to continuously expanding and enhancing our community, actively seeking individuals who can contribute to our vision.

  • DEIB looks like doing the work of expanding our board and teams to include BIPOC/Women/Femme/Non-Binary/Trans/Age/Ability/+ representation. 
  • DEIB means extending our reach to find people that we traditionally miss when messaging the power of adult recreational sport.
  • DEIB is meeting people where they are – regardless of experience or ability – to upskill people into players and players into leaders on and off the field.

We are here to serve and create something new. We are prepared and excited to bring new people onboard who share our vision and commitment. It is our aim to include as many people as possible and create space for people to contribute to the overall success of Stonewall Sports SF. 

DEIB Director Role

DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) is embedded into all aspects of our Stonewall Sports chapter planning. We are seeking a Director of DEIB to take efforts to the next level. 

The DEIB Director will develop and implement a Chapter-wide DEIB plan. The Director will serve as a thought leader and strategic partner within the Chapter by ensuring DEIB best practices are embedded within the board and on the field.     

Key Responsibilities

  • Work collaboratively to develop and implement a sustainable DEI plan for the Chapter
  • Train/educate the board on DEI knowledge/practices and promote cultural competence 
  • Evaluate our policies/initiatives through a DEI lens and recommend changes as needed
  • Help to recruit and evaluate candidates for board membership with a focus on DEI 

Extra Credit

  • Research and develop metrics for measuring and reporting the effectiveness of DEI initiatives 
  • Support the formation of affinity groups among the player base
  • Serve as an institutional resource in areas of: cultural diversity, dismantling systemic racism, gender equality and justice, disability, accommodation, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression programs
  • Build and cultivate relationships with national, local, and specialized DEI organizations and professional development organizations