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Slo Pitch rules and regulations



Heritage Sports League’s (HSL) purpose is to provide a fun and safe environment to adults of all ages.  We will organize 3 separate leagues (spring, summer, fall) to help accommodate families and their children's school and sporting events.



HSL takes a great deal of pride in the facility we rent.  The Friedensfeld Community Centre has their own set of rules.  Anyone participating in the league must adhere to the rules set in place by both organizations.

  • Alcohol is not permitted on the grounds without a permit and abiding by regulations set by MLCC 

  • Teams must clean up after themselves. Failure to do so could result in removal from the park.

  • Be respectful to other guests and park staff

  • Vehicles must remain in the designated parking area.

  • Property damage will result in the individual covering all costs associated



All waivers must be filled out by each player.  These waivers acknowledge you are aware of the risks.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a signature from a parent verifying the consent. Anyone under the age of 16 may be counted as a female in your lineup. Consent

  • Due to Covid-19 and other provincial regulations other waivers may need to be filled out before your team will be allowed on the field.


Diamond maintenance

Bases, pitching rubber, strike zone mats are provided and are set up by a Friedensfeld Community Center employee.

Rain-out Games

Friedensfeld Community Centre has the right to cancel any games due to weather conditions, field maintenance, or any reason they feel the facility will be closed.  League organizers will send a message to team captains as quickly as possible for any game cancellations. FCC will have the final decision for a game to be cancelled. 


Game format

  • Game rules will follow the softball/slopitch handbooks put in place by softball Manitoba and Slopitch Manitoba CLICK HERE

  • All games will be 5 innings

  • A maximum 7 runs will be allowed per inning (last inning will have no limit)

  • 10 run mercy rule after 3 innings of play

  • 5 homerun maximum per team, per game. Homeruns will be considered an “Out” if the maximum has been reached. If a homerun results in the 7th run scored, the homerun will still count towards the 5 max.

  • Pitching arc must be between 6-12 feet.  Illegal pitches are considered a “ball” in the batters count.

  • Strike zone; strike is called when the ball lands anywhere on the mat or home plate.

  • Foul balls are considered strikes regardless of the batter’s count

  • If a male batter is thrown 4 balls without a strike with a female following him in the order, he is awarded 2 bases.  The following female is then granted the option to take first base or hit.

  • A player may re-enter the game only in their original position in the batting order.

  • 3 courtesy runner may be used per team, per game

  • No bunting allowed. “Out” will be the called if a player bunts or attempts to bunt.

  • Infield fly rule in effect. 

    • An Infield Fly is a fair fly ball (not a line drive or bunt) that, in the judgment of the umpire, can be caught by an infielder, pitcher, or catcher with ordinary effort and when there are runners on first and second or first, second, and third and less than two outs.

  • Batting order; There will be no limit on the size of a batting order, provided 3 males in a row only happens once.

  • All first bases on each diamond have a safe base.  The runner must use the orange when running through bag.

  • Runners do not touch home plate.  A commitment line is drawn 20’ from home plate perpendicular to 3rd base foul line. No player will be tagged once they have crossed the commitment line. The defensive team must catch the ball and touch home plate before the runner crosses the "home plate" line to be called "OUT" (Home plate line is perpendicular to the 3rd base foul line) 

Failure to adhere to the rules set in place by MB government and Softball Manitoba could result in disciplinary actions or removal from the park.

Heritage Sports League wants to make sure we look out for player and community safety. We must work together as a team to ensure everyone is on the same page so we can continue to play the sport.


Bat policy