Heritage Sports League
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2023 Fall

A Division "Southern Heat"

B Division "Mighty Drunks"

C Division "Hicks N Chicks"

2023 "Battle of the Towns"

Niverville "Sailors"

2023 Summer

A Division "Southern Heat"

B Division "Sarto Renegades"

C Division "Aspirin 81"

D Division "I'd Hit That"

2023 Spring

A Division "Southern Heat"

B Division "Nice Snatch"

C Division "Turtle Recall"

2022 Fall

A Division "TMB"

B Division "Young Guns"

C Division "Dukes of Hanover"

2022 Summer

A Divsion "Ballz Deep"

B Division "Silent Assassins"

C Divsion "Young Guns"

D Division "Bunt Buddies"

E Division "Here for Beers"

2022 Spring  **Cancelled**

2021 Fall

A Division "East Side Connection"

C Division "Dukes of Hanover"

D Division "I'd Hit That"

2021 HSL Classic

A Side "VIP"

B Side "The D-Railers"

2021 Summer

A Division "Silent Assassins"

B Division "Bulls Hit"

C Division "Booze on First"

D Division "Hicks N Chicks"

2021 Spring **Cancelled**

2020 Fall 

A Division "VIP"

B Division "East Side Connection"

C Division "Ump Yours"

D Division "Oh's Hit"

2020 Summer

A Division "Trinidad and Tobago"

B Divsion "Roughriders"

C Division "Victorious Secret"

D Division "Pitches be Crazy"

2020 Spring **Cancelled**