Heritage Sports League
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Below is a list of people who would like to join your team or just help you as a spare.

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Daniel Bremaud  M drbre@hotmail.com 204-371-0276

Brittany Friesen  F brittanymantyka@gmail.com 204-381-6005

Zach Friesen  M z.friesen.f@gmail.com 204-641-4205

Chris Dueck  M chrisdueck_89@hotmail.com 204-641-6114

Roselyn Bremaud  F k1500@mymts.net 204-371-7745

Brandy Enns  F ennsbb@gmail.com 204-355-7194

Bryan Enns  M bryanjenns@gmail.com 204-370-0010

Sherilyn Wiens  F proudmomof_4@hotmail.com 204-392-8663

Karl Schoenrock  M schoenrock13@hotmail.com 204-381-7766

Penny Wiebe  F pwiebe17@hotmail.com 204-381-3454

Mac Wiebe  M macwiebe8@gmail.com 204-392-4309

Ben Peters  M benrcpeters@gmail.com 204-381-7047

Karen Peters  F kpc.peters@gmail.com 204-381-8476

Kyle Smith  M r4g3sup3r@gmail.com 204-599-8549

Jason Fehr  M jafehr@hsd.ca 204-392-6074

Jonathan Peters  M jonathanjpeters29@gmail.com 204-408-2933

Cassie Asham  F   cassie.asham@gmail.com   431-205-3748

Stan Friesen  M stanfriesen01@gmail.com 204-392-3334

Jordan Hunt  M jordanhunt23@outlook.com 431-205-5312