Cambridge Basketball League
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SECTION. 1 1. I. An Executive Committee, comprising of the Officers and up to 5 elected members shall manage the league. 

1. II. The Officers shall be, The Chairman, Vice‐Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary Technical Secretary, & Appointments Secretary. The Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and serve for a period of three years on a rotating basis, with the Chairman and Appointments Secretary being elected for three years at the first AGM, the Treasurer, and Hon. Secretary is elected for a two-year initial period and the Vice‐Chairman and Technical Secretary for a one-year initial period. Then for a three-year period subsequently. All Officers will be eligible for re‐election at the AGM following their term of office. 

1. III. Elected members will be elected at the AGM and will retire annually; they will also be eligible for re‐election. The Executive shall have the power to co‐opt members to that committee. 

1. IV. A quorum for the conduct of the business of the league shall be 50% of the members. 

1.V. The Executive Committee shall have the power to decide on any matter not covered in the Constitution. 


SECTION 2. 2. I. The AGM shall be held no later than July 31st, but preferably before the end of May. 

2. II. Persons entitled to vote shall be the Executive Officers and members plus one representative of each club participating in the league. 

2. III. No person may vote in more than one capacity. 

2. IV. Decisions shall be made by simple majority voting. 2.V. The Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. 

2. VI. The purpose of the AGM will be to receive the report of the Secretary to approve the accounts and applications to join the league and elect Executive Officers and members on a rotational basis. No other business may be transacted at the AGM. 

2. VII. All clubs must be represented at the AGM 

2. VIII. Proposals for changes to the League Constitution and nominations for posts on the Executive Committee must be lodged in writing with the Secretary within seven days of receiving notice of an Annual General Meeting. At least 28 days' notice in writing shall be given of a proposed AGM by the secretary. Any such changes or nominations must be proposed and seconded by two voting members and the Executive Committee. 

2. IX. Applications to join the League shall be made 21 days prior to the AGM. New clubs to the League will be asked to place a goodwill deposit of £50.00 with the League. This will be refundable should their application not be accepted. The Executive Committee shall decide upon the composition of the league and approve its fixtures. 


SECTION 3 3. I. The League Competition shall be promoted between September and the end of April 

3. II. The composition of the League shall be decided by the Executive Committee and teams shall play each other on a Home and Away basis. 

3. III. Three points will be awarded for a League win and one for a loss. In the event of a team forfeiting a fixture RULE 1. V WILL COME IN TO FORCE 3. IV. Fixtures for the forthcoming season will appear on the CAMBRIDGE BASKETBALL LEAGUE website asap after the CBL AGM. No fixture may be changed after the 30th of November. Any game called off after this date will fall under RULE 1.V. of the constitution. Should a fixture be sanctioned to be re‐arranged by the Executive Committee after consultation with the opposition, the team that requests the postponement is responsible for informing Officials, notifying the League Secretary, and the opposition of the agreed date, time, and venue of the rearranged fixture. 

3.V. The Annual League fee of £70.00 per club shall be paid by the 30th of November. If this is not paid by this date then RULE 1. V of the constitution will apply. 

3. VI. Teams not fulfilling their responsibilities, playing, or otherwise may be suspended, excluded, or have League points deducted, in addition to any financial penalty the Executive Committee may impose. 

3. VII. At the conclusion of the regular League season, the Executive Committee shall arrange a Championship Play‐Off competition between the top four teams in the League. 

3.VIII. The teams finishing the league competition in 1st and 2nd position will play at home to the teams finishing 4th and 3rd respectively. The costs for these games are to be shared equally between the participants. The Final of the play‐offs is to be played, if possible, on a neutral court, with the League funding both the court hire and the official’s fees 

3. IX. In the event of a tie on League points, this shall be resolved as follows:‐ 

3. IX. I A table will be compiled taking account only of matches played between the teams involved in the tie. The teams are then placed in accordance with League points gained in this table. 

3. IX.ii In the event of further equality, the difference between the actual points scored and points conceded in these matches will be taken into account. 

3. IX.iii In the event of further equality, the difference between the actual points scored and points conceded in all matches in the League will be taken into account. 

3. IX.iv If any matches concerned in these calculations have been subject to a forfeit, the Technical Committee may make special arrangements to compensate if it so decides. 

3. IX.v If a tie is partially resolved by the application of some or all of these regulations, the regulations are then reapplied from (3.X.i) on the remaining part of the tie. 

3.X. In the event of a tie on League points during the regular season, the standard EB regulations will be applied. 



4 4.I. All teams shall be encouraged to play on a full-size court. 

4. II. All clubs and players, coaches, and all referees must be licensed by the English Basketball Association before competing in the Cambridge Basketball League. All license numbers must be inscribed on the score sheet at the start of a game. 

4.III. Each team must, in addition to registering with the EBBA, register its players with the League secretary by 31st October in the current season. 4. IV. The penalty for playing an unregistered or ineligible player shall be forfeiture of the game(s)

4.V. A player may only be registered with the League to play for one club and may not be transferred unless the player’s former club and the Executive Committee sanction such transfer. 

4. VI. Senior National League 1 2&3 license holders will not normally be eligible to play in the Cambridge Basketball League, however, this does not apply to Junior national league players. The Executive Committee, in circumstances that may enhance the competition, may waive this rule. Players who have not played in 50% of a team’s league matches shall not be eligible to play in the Play‐Off competition unless authorised to do so by the Executive Committee. 

4. VII. The last date for transferring or registering players with the League shall be 31st January in the current season. 




The Home team shall: 

5.I. Provide a Competent Scorer and Timekeeper. 

5.II. Provide an approved score book, clocks, sounding devices, five foul markers, two team foul markers and a visual scoreboard. 

5.III. Confirm the fixture with the opponents and the appointed officials Seven days prior to the fixture & inform the league secretary if any officials are unable to attend. Text/email or telephone in the result of the game on that day. Or use the Teamlinkt App to log the match result on the website. Send the top copy of the score sheet to the League Secretary within Three days of the game. 

5.V. In the event of a colour clash, the HOME team shall change. All players must wear matching kit and all shirts must be tucked into shorts. ‘T’ shirts and undershorts may only be worn if they are of a matching colour to the team kit. Referees will be instructed to enforce this rule without fear or favour. 

5.VI. Pay the match officials, in cash, before the start of the game, the current fee/expenses agreed by the Executive Committee. In the event of the match not taking place, the match officials shall be entitled to their fee and travelling expenses. The team forfeiting the fixture shall be liable for the match officials fees and expenses. 



SECTION 6 6a All clubs are responsible for any person at a game that they are participating in, and will be held accountable for any form of misconduct. 

6.I. The Executive Committee shall appoint a Disciplinary Sub‐ Committee to deal with any matters referred to it. The Sub‐ Committee shall normally consist of the Vice‐Chairman, the Secretary (Conveyor) and the Technical Secretary. However, no person who is concerned in any dispute or subject of any discipline may sit on the Sub‐Committee. The Secretary will inform the team secretaries of the teams involved in any dispute and the person(s) involved in any disciplinary matter, the result of the Sub‐Committee’s finding within Seven days of the decision. 

6. II. The full Executive Committee will hear an appeal against the finding of the Sub‐Committee. The appellant must lodge an appeal within seven days of receiving notice of the decision of the Sub‐Committee with the League Secretary, accompanied by a deposit of £50.00, which is refundable at the discretion of the Executive Committee or should the appeal be allowed. It should be noted that if any appeal is deemed to be frivolous or made in order to allow a player to play in a game that he would be suspended for, that match will be forfeit and any penalty doubled. 

6.III. If a score sheet is signed ‘Under Protest’ the protest must be lodged within Seven days with the League Secretary, along with a surety of £50.00, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld or at the discretion of the Executive Committee. It should be noted that no appeal will be entertained in regard to decisions made by the match officials. 

6.IV. A Coach or Player disqualified from a game will serve an automatic one match ban for the next League fixture of his team. The match officials MUST make a written report regarding the circumstances of the incident to the League Secretary within Three days of the event. 

6.IV. (A) If, during the game, an assault on a match official or player, a brawl or abandonment occurs, the referee must report such occurrence to the Competition Secretary within 48 hours of the game’s conclusion by telephone and confirm in writing within five working days with a copy to the reported party.

6.V. A participant serving a ban is not allowed to take part in League matches in any capacity until the ban is served.

6.VI. All fines levied by the League are to be paid in full to the League Treasurer within 14 days. Failure to comply may result in loss of league points or possible expulsion from the League. 

6.VII. For all other matters of discipline Rule 1.V will be in forced