Volunteer Policy


As a volunteer organization, Airdrie Little League relies heavily on all its members to ensure a successful baseball season for all our children. As such, we have implemented a few changes to our volunteering system to ensure we aren't leaning to heavily on our most generous members.

We have established a credit system for the volunteer work around the league, and we will require a volunteer to complete credits for each player, based on division of play.

T-Ball....8 Credits
Coach Pitch..10 Credits
Minor.....12 Credits
Major.....12 Credits
Teenage...12 Credits

Players involved with our advanced programs (Tournament teams, All-Stars or AAA teams), will be asked to support those teams in addition to your regular season contribution.

Volunteer Positions


Coach - 12 Credits - Focus on ballplayers. Duties will include; Attending coaching clinics, Leading practices (with provided resources), Making rosters and leading the bench on game day.

Assistant Coach - 12 Credits - Focus on ballplayers. Duties will include; Attending coaching clinics, Leading drills and fitness during practices, Leading warm up and coaching bases on game day

Team Coordinator - 12 Credits - Act as a liaison between coaches and parents. Duties may include; Updating Team Snap, Coordinating game day volunteers, Score, pitch and volunteer submissions

Maintenance Crew - 12 Credits - A crew of 5-10 operating under the Field Maintenance Director, responsible for diamond repairs, maintaining mounds, bases and other field projects once a week

Cleaning Crew - 4 Credits per shift - Five crews of 5 people (Pre-season, Mid-Season, Post-Season) Working with either: the concession manager to clean the concession and storage facilities or, the Equipment Manager to organize Clean or Count equipment

Tournament Volunteer - 4 Credits per day - 50-50 raffle sales, Information person (relay scores, collect pitch counts and reporting to Tournament Director, bringing water to umpires and a variety of miscellaneous tasks

Game Day Volunteers -1 Credits per shift - Pitch Count, Score Keeper and Diamond Marshall

Game Day Volunteers - 2 Credit per shift - Concession, BBQ and Field Prep


We will collect a Volunteer Deposit cheque of $200 for each player in the Minor, Major and Teenage Divisions, and $100 for each player in the T-Ball and Coach Pitch. There are several opportunities throughout the season, and a variety of jobs to suit any household. Our goal with this program is ensuring all our volunteers are involved. We not looking to draw any revenue!


Thank you in advance for all your hard work! The volunteers are what makes Little League great!


Volunteer Submissions


T-Ball Volunteer Submission Form

Coach Pitch Volunteer Submission Form

Minor Volunteer Submission Form

Teenage Volunteer Submission Form



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