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Aug 11 2023

2021-2022 Post-season survey

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At Subzero, we are already busily planning for the 2023 Club season. Thanks to the many athletes, coaches and parents who took a few moments to give us their thoughts on the 2022 season. Following are the recommendations we developed from the survey. Click the link below to see the full report on what we heard from our members. 

Subzero Volleyball Club 2022 Post-Season Report and Recommendations

Summary Of Reccomendations for 2023 Season

1. The majority of respondents would prefer the same or more training sessions per week. Note – we are constrained in the amount of gym time we are    able to secure from the City of Whitehorse. We also book time with the CGC and Yukon U, but this comes with additional costs to our members.

2. Where possible, earlier, weekday sessions are preferred. As above, our ability to book earlier times during the week is limited as many users vie for the same gym times.

3. Explore the possibility of adding a volleyball fitness session for athletes as an add-on to regular club training. Subzero will be conducting a volleyball strength and conditioning program with Northern Strength Academy September-December 2022 on a trial basis.

4. Where possible, work towards more games against other volleyball clubs, as well as between Subzero teams. Noted.

5. Explore options for keeping costs low, while still remaining viable. We are exploring the possibility of providing less teamwear to athletes as part of registration and having it as a separate add-on to registration or an online store.

6. Subzero should offer an online store for the 2023 season. This is planned for the 2023 season.

7. Explore options to offer a similar number of camps and clinics in the 2023 season. A number of camps and clinics are already in the works for the 2023 season. Note that these camps and clinics require a significant amount of volunteer time to pull together and we need more volunteers to pitch in.

8. Subzero to explore possibility of adding a third tournament to the club season, if volunteer support is in place. Note – it requires a significant amount of volunteer time and effort to run tournaments, so we will be looking to our members to volunteer their time in support of this.

9. If feasible, plan tournament and special event dates at the beginning of the season and have them laid out for athletes/parents and available on website. Our new website has been updated with coming events and we hope to add a planning calendar that lays out the whole year. We’ll endeavour to keep it up to date with all the info that parents and players need.

10. Explore options for fundraising to support team travel, provided there is volunteer support. We are looking to establish a fundraising committee that will help to raise money for team travel, as well as to support athletes so that volleyball remains an accessible sport.

11. Subzero to prioritize affiliation process with Volleyball Yukon to ensure athletes have access to provincial/national competitions. Affiliation with VY is a top priority for our club this year.

12. Ensure that club contact information, Board contact info and coach contact is available and updated on club website. Club and Board contact info is now available on our website. Coach contact will be updated during the club season. TeamLinkt is always the best option during the Club season to communicated with coaches, parents and team mates.

13. Compile email distribution list of survey respondents for early registration. We’ll be sending out an early registration link to everyone who responded to our survey. One lucky person will also win a $75 registration discount.

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