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Aug 11 2023

2022-2023 Post-season survey

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At Subzero, we are already busily planning for the 2024 Club season. Thanks to the 80 athletes and parents who took a few moments to give us their thoughts on the 2023 indoor club season. Following are the recommendations we developed from the survey. Click the link below to see the full report on what we heard from our members. 

Subzero Volleyball Club 2022 Post-Season Report and Recommendations

Summary of Recommendations for 2024 Indoor Club Season

1. The majority of respondents would prefer the same or more training sessions per week. Please note that the number of training sessions is largely driven by gym and coach availability. 

2. Where possible, earlier, weekday sessions are preferred. Please note that Subzero is extremely constrained by the weekday availability of the high school gyms, which are blocked off by the schools until 8:15 or 9:00 pm weekdays. The club has contacted the City of Whitehorse about this issue. Subzero has requested earlier weekday times at Yukon U and the CGC, though this increases costs. 

3. For the 2024 season Subzero requested additional earlier weekday times but since the schools have priority, very few early sessions (before 8pm) have been allotted through the Joint Use Agreement. In 2023, gyms were frequently found empty when they had been blocked off by the schools. Subzero has advised the City that the club would like to see high schools give up any unused times they have blocked off. Subzero is also exploring the option of limiting team sizes so that the club can use elementary school gyms, which have better weeknight availability. 

4. Where possible, work towards more games against other volleyball clubs (both in and out of territory), as well as between Subzero teams. 

5. Explore options for keeping costs low, while still remaining viable. For example, Subzero NEEDS parent volunteers to form a fundraising committee. 

6. Subzero is currently developing a policy around team selection and will have it in place before opening registration to the public for the 2024 club season. Subzero requested that VY develop an Early Signing Policy/Process, similar to what has been implemented in many jurisdictions across Canada. VY has agreed to do so. This will give Subzero Volleyball Club the opportunity to re-sign athletes from the 2022/23 club season before opening registration to the public and/or hosting try-outs. 

7. Subzero will explore the possibility of allowing players to re-use their 2023 jersey rather than ordering a new one in 2024. The same jersey design was used in 2021 and 2022  therefore Subzero is confident the supplier (VBS) is able to accommodate this request. 

8. Subzero will offer an online store for the 2024 season. The club will explore offering additional items based on survey suggestions and input from older athletes. Please note that Subzero water bottles have been purchased and the club will offer Subzero socks next season. The club will continue to have older athletes involved in clothing design as was the case for the 2021 and 2023 club jerseys. 

9. If Subzero is to continue to offer the number of camps, clinics and special events that it does, the club needs more volunteer assistance from parents. Subzero is currently exploring the possibility of a required number of parent volunteer hours per athlete and/or an additional fee if the family is unwilling/unable to commit some volunteer time. 

10. Subzero will continue to offer drop-in Game nights for the 2024 season. 

       11. Subzero to put in place guidelines around team travel in advance of the 2024 season. 

12. Team travel is a labor intensive undertaking, which requires parent volunteer support in order to be successful. Subzero will endeavor to clearly communicate this requirement for the 2024 season. 

13. Subzero is working on additional guidelines around fundraising for team travel. In addition, the club will hold a club-wide raffle in 2024, which will be available to all traveling athletes as a fundraiser. Parental support for organizing sales locations, collecting revenues, tracking sales etc. must be a shared responsibility in 2024. 

14. Ensure that parents and players are aware of how club information is communicated: Teamlinkt emails, website, Subzero email etc. and ensure that everyone has Teamlinkt properly set up with notifications from the beginning of the season. Ensure users update practice Availability regularly, preferably having athletes do this themselves, as much as possible.

15. More board members and parent volunteers needed to support club activities as the amount of work completed by volunteer board members is not sustainable in the long term. Explore the viability of having a Club Coordinator in 2024. A coordinator guide/description exists from 2020-2021 when Subzero had a Club Coordinator.


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